What’s the different of VAS 5054a and VAS 5054 plus

Now,so many customs asked me what is the different between VAS 5054a and VAS 5054 plus?

Here we will give the answer for it:

The ODIS V3.0.1 VAS 5054a  (SP33-C) with bluetooth and OKI chip as the ODIS 2.02 VAS 5054 Plus  (SP33-E2),The different is the factory and version.and the bluetooth of the SP33-E2 is more stable then VAS 5054a,the price is more cheaper then it.

So,that is,the SP33-E2 is the best choose to buy it.

VAS 5054 PLUS is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.
The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system.
No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS 5054 PLUS