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Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer leaves key pro m8 behind behind behind

The first batch of Lonsdor K518ISE is now under final installation

Contact for pre-order

First come, first served!

Phone: 0086-15926327598


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer for sale 11024EUR free shipping

SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator 4 in 1 Set for sale 170 EUR (to program Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost via OBD, SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator is optional)




Lonsdor K518ISE is worth to own by every locksmith, because k518ISE leaves many key programmers behind behind behind

in 3 aspects:

1.Lonsdor K518ISE is developed and served by a qualified tech team including the famous Jian Min master.That means, you don’t need to worry about the update, more and more car brands will be updated soon or later.
If you are not familiar Jian Min master and his Lonsdor brand, browse the official site: You could learn all you want to learn about K518ISE such as: testable car brands/ immo system, newest updates, test reports and more.

2. Lonsdor K518ISE is the 1st in the world to do…
the K518 SE with so many unprecedented features + built in RFID Transponder Reader / Writer

1st in the world tool to introduce Kia / Hyundai Read PIN code function for Type 46 & 47 keys + Add Smart Key without PIN code 😉

1st in the world tool to match keys for all Volvo models via OBD

1st in the world tool to introduce Universal Smart Key Emulator shown below .

Toyota Smart Key all lost Lamborghini Porsche BMW & LandRover Ferrari Models covered + a whole lot of Chinese made vehicles GreatWall Haval Borgward MG Beiqi Foton as well

Will announce for once ready in stock, awaiting English version

Detailed Coverage till now

[ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 47 chip ) added for key learning without pincode

World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 46 chip ) added for key learning without pincode

[ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems ( 8A chip ) added for key learning without pincode

Volvo S80(before 09 smart key) key program;

Volvo V40 key program

Volvo C30 key program

Volvo V60 key program

BYD smart key program without Pincode

[ World First] Mazda 3 Angkesaila smart key program (2017)

Nissan key system (4 Digit Pin Code)

Nissan remote system

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) ;

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Qashqai(after 2015)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support X-TRAIL(before 2013)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support QX60(after 2013)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support teana-vip(after 2013)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Cima(after 2013)

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support JX35(after 2013)

3.Lonsdor K518ISE Test reports or reviews is always much reliable, I try my best to conclude all here:
Maserati smart key 2016

VW IMMO5 Key/Smart key programming

Program Porsche Cayenne smart key… confirmed

Audi Q3 2013 key programming… confirmed

Volvo S60 smart key Full Keyless… confirmed

Lonsdor K518ISE-Volvo S60 Smart Key-half-keyless

Lonsdor K518ISE program Volvo XC60 smart key via OBD

Toyota LEXUS ES200 All Key Lost… confirmed

Part 1: Backup Immo Data

Part 2: Making Emulator
Part3: Add Key

HONDA CIVIC Key Programming with Lonsdor K518ISE… confirmed

Lonsdor K518ISE Program Hyundai Sonata Smart Key

To be continued…

Last but very important, for more test reports please refer to the official site, to pay less money, please visit

2017 Super SBB2 Key Programmer VS SBB V46.02 VS SBB V33.02 VS CK100 V46.02

2017 Super SBB2 Key Programmer can perform both immobilizer function (key programming & pin code read) as well as mileage adjustment, Oil/service Reset, TPMS EPS,BMS etc. Super SBB2 is different from SBB V46.02, SBB V33.02 and CK100 in package, functions, vehicle coverage and year, language available, etc.

Here we go one by one!

1.The different: package
1) Attach SBB2 Key Programmer package and adapters pictures: good quality of main unit, OBDII-16 connector, HONDA-3 connector, HYUNDAI/KIA-10 connector, KIA-20 connector, main cable, TF card reader and TF card in the unit.


Enlarge SBB2 main unit and you can see the main cable port, keyboard and the USB port, all are designed firmly.


SBB2 unit and all adapters will be in such a box and ship to you.


2) V46.02 SBB Key Programmer package VS SBB V33.02 package:


(Pic 1: V46.02 SBB Key Programmer package, good quality of SBB Main Unit, OBDII cable, AC adapter and one CD with user manual)


(Pic 2: V33.02 SBB Key Programmer package: SBB Main Unit, OBDII cable, AC adapter and one CD with user manual)

2.The different: Functions
2017 Super SBB2: immobilizer function + mileage adjustment, Oil/service Reset, TPMS EPS,BMS etc.

SBB2 immobilizer function list:

1.New keys programming;
2. Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory;
3. New immobilizer programming;
4. New ECU programming;
5. New mechanical key number programming;
6. Vehicle Identification Number programming;
7. Reset ECU&reset immobilizer;
8. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming;
9. New remote controller programming;
10. Immo PINCODE reader;
11. Odometer adjustment(Via obd);
12. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
SBB V46.02 function list:

1.Programming new keys.
2. Reading keys from immobilizers memory
3. Deactivating keys no longer in the car owners possession
4. Operation by means of a menu guided programming
5. Programming new remote controls
6. Software with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes
CK100 function = SBB V46.02

SBB V33.02 function list:

1.reading keys from immobilizer’s memory
2.deactivating keys no longer in the car owner’s possession
3.operation by means of a menu guided programming
4.programming new remote controls with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes

3.The different: vehicle coverage and year
1) 2017 Super SBB2: up to 2017.3 year.


OBDII: OBDII V20.80 for diagnose


Electronic Park Brak: V22.71

TPMS: V19.20

TPS: V27.66

Odometer: AUDI, VW, BENZ, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Porsche, Skoda, Seat

2) SBB V46.02 vehicle coverage VS SBB V33.02:

Toyota G chip works

works on Toyota Honda Ford up to 2014 year.

works on Acura 2012, Chevrolet 2013, GMC 2013.

SBB V33.02: up to 2011 year.

3) CK-100 V46.02





4.The different: Language
SBB2 Key Programmer language: English

SBB V46.02 Language: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish

SBB V33.02 Language:


5.SBB V46.02VS CK-100 V46.02:
1) The same:

Same Toyota G Chip

Same software version

Same function

Same vehicle coverage: SBB v33.02 <Ck100 V99.99 <SBB v46.02=CK100 v46.02

Which one is more popular?

CK-100 V46.02,better quality at higher price.




Super SBB2: wins in multi-functions, newest car models, etc.

CK100 V46.02: almost same as SBB V46.02, better quality and more popular by locksmiths.

Therefore, I highly recommend the above two pieces.

VVDI PROG Latest Software Update to V4.6.4 and Free Downlode

VVDI PROG latest software V4.6.4 version update


v4.6.4 (2017-10-26)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.6.4 version in Doc folder
* Fix EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER R&W some chips error problem
+ Add LACROSSE-BCM(2008) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BUICK>
+ Add ALSVIN-V7(2017) option in<5-DASHBOARD>-><CHANGAN>
+ Add HAVAL-H6 option in<5-DASHBOARD>-><GREATWALL>
+ Add E60-KBM, PDC-MODULE options in <8-OTHER>-><BMW>


OBD read write engine ISN with Yanhua BMW FEM / BDC V1.0.5

OBD read write BMW FEM/BDC engine ISN on most N20, N13, N55 is possible with Yanhua BMW FEM /BDC key programmer V1.0.5.

Guide: Yanhua BMW FEM / BDC V1.0.5 read write engine ISN via OBD

Click on “Connect” then “OBD read / write engine ISN”


Executing read DME ISN code…and then read out version


Pops up “ISN – DME/DDE [MEVD1725_N13]” and “Execute read DME ISN code success”.


Click on “Write” to have new DME ISN code and wait until writing succeed, click on “Close”.


One more time, click on “OBD read / write engine ISN” to read out the new ISN code, wait until you see the message “Execute read DME ISN code success”



Yanhua BMW-FEM/BDC V1.0.5 read and write DME ISN code succeed.

How to use Genuine Lishi TOY43R 2in1

Genuine Lishi TOY43R 2in1 locksmith tool, how to use:

Despite only having 8 positions on this pick decoder , this tool is for the 10 Cut TOY43R lock and not the 8 cut toy43 lock with the 2 split wafer positions in it.


The reason this tool only has 8 of the 10 positions on it , is due to the door lock only housing 8 of the 10 cuts , only the ignition houses all 10 wafers . Once the door lock is picked and decoded , the 8 decoded and known cuts are entered into instacode , and the cutting tree will give you the remaining 2 cuts required for the ignition. Position 1 and 2 are found in the ignition lock only , so the tool grid is numbered 3 to 10.

The Lishi TOY43 2in1 pick is a very quick pick and decode for this very widely used Toyota lock , and will simplify producing the key blade for this lock and greatly simplify the entire gain entry process on this lock.

My own experience with this tool is to gain entry in under a minute generally and pick and decode in under 5 mins every time, so far without fail.

There is no proven picking sequence as yet with this particular tool , be careful not to overlift , as the No 4 cuts need no lift at all as these are already set to open as soon as tension is applied , so the more No 4 cuts the lock has in it , the simpler it will be to pick open.

Only a light to medium tension is required , and if a wafer has any movement at all , do not lift it at all !.

The lock has no preference to picking direction , and is easily picked to either direction , in addition the lock doesn’t need to be picked first , you can direct decode this with the 2in1 by applying turning tension and reading each position. However a more accurate decode is always achieved if picked first and held in the picked position, especially on worn locks.

The Picking Process

When picking this lock , the most common mistake is too much tension and overlifting , too much tension almost always leads to overlifting a wafer .

I cant stress enough the need to use only a light to medium tension and have full control over the lifting arm at all times.

Prior to picking i always advise flushing the lock out well with WD40 / GT85 or similar , this will help maximise feel during the picking process .

As I have already mentioned above , the No 4 wafers are already set and need no lift what so ever is needed to set these , so gently tickling each position to feel for any slight movement is essential , so when probing for a binding wafer it is essential that you don’t lift any wafer more than a ¼ mm , just a tiny tickle will confirm if binding or moving , if moving then leave well alone, as overlifting a No 4 cut is a common reason for failure to pick this lock.

As the lock has no confirmed preferred picking sequence , it is simple and traditional picking process of tickling each position no more than a ¼ mm to find a binding wafer , if it moves at all leave it alone, if it binds lift it just one grid increment at a time until movement is felt when tickling, so pick a binding wafer 1 x grid increment , then tickle it ¼ mm to see if moving or still binding, if still binding then pick another grid increment until movement is felt.

As long as you only lift a binding wafer , then once each binding wafer has movement the lock will open , demonstrated in the picture guide below.

Picking The TOY43 lock

Begin by fully inserting the Lishi TOY43 tool into the lock and apply a light to medium tension


Find the 1st Binding wafer and then each binding wafer in turn

In this Lock position 3 is the 1st to bind & pick


Position 8 is the next to bind and pick



Position 6 is the next to bind and pick



Position 5 is the next to bind and pick


Position 5 binds and picks again and the lock opens.




This particular lock was picked in under a minute so was a fairly simple differ to pick open due to the amount of No 4 cuts in the lock. As positions 4 , 7 , 9 and 10 didnt need picking , this confirms to us that these are No 4 cuts , the below decode process should confirm this.

Decoding the TOY43 lock using the Lishi 2in1 locksmith tool

This lock can be direct decoded , without the need for it being picked first , the process is to apply firm tension and decode each position using the same process as decoding when picked , however on worn locks the odd misleading reading can happen, so we advise picking first for best and most accurate results.

As this is a twin lifter tool , we decode in the same direction as we picked in , pushing the lifting arm across the numbered line and reading the cut height from where it stops using the numbered lines on the right hand side grid.

The process is as simple as hold the lock in the picked position and read each position 3 to 10 as below .

Position 3 is a No 3 cut


Position 4 is confirmed as a No 4 cut


Position 5 is a No 2 cut


Position 6 is a No 2 cut


Position 7 is confirmed as a No 4 cut


Position 8 is a No 3 cut


Position 9 is confirmed as a No 4 cut


Position 10 is also confirmed as a No 4 cut


This gives us the majority of the key cuts needed , and gives us the 10 cut key from bow to tip of ??34224344 , so we enter this into instacode , and it gives us the cutting tree , which in this case was 1 of several possible keys that would use a maximum of 2 blanks to find correct key.

However , despite the fact that this tool is not designed for the ignition , i insert the tool fully into the ignition and feel for the 1st 2 wafers , it wont line up to a grid position accurately , but when a light tension is applied to the lock and you have found the 1st 2 wafers the cut height grid is still accurate and the front 2 positions can be directly decoded , so the entire key can be read .

In doing this the entire key was 2134224344 .

So despite the tool not being constructed to read the ignition , with a little forsight it is possible to read the missing wafers in position 1 and 2 by a little lateral thinking.

Lishi TOY43 2in 1 in details…


Which Tata Mahindra Maruti diagnostic scanner, Vpecker EasyDiag, Autel 908P or X431 V?

All of Vpecker EasyDiag Indian version, Autel MaxiSys Pro 908P, Launch X431 V can fully work with Indian cars Tata, Mahindra and Maruti, read details as below.

1.TATA Function List, all of the above tools can work on.
Note: “X” means fully supported


2.Maruti Function List, seems only Vpecker EasyDiagand Launch X431 Vcan work on.
Note: “X” means fully supported








3.Mahindra Function List: seems Vpecker EasyDiag andAutel MaxiSys Pro 908Phas a wide range of Mahindra, Launch X431 V is limited to work on Mahindra.
Note: “X” means fully supported





Vpecker EasyDiag India adapter:

-> fully works on all Indian cars (TATA, Maruti and Mahindra)

-> Wins in Price, $199 free shipping on

-> no area limit, that means users can order in any country.

-> built-in wifi allows Vpecker to communicate with the vehicles via WIFI.

Launch X431 V:

-> Woks on all TATA and Maruti cars, limited to work on Mahindra.

-> Wins in famous brand Launch Company

-> Has a wide range of vehicle coverage about 100 brands at reasonable price

Autel MaxiSys Pro 908P

-> Woks on all TATA and Mahindra cars, limited to work on Mahindra.

-> Better for those professionals who have a wide range of vehicles to repair and maintenance.

How to Use CGDI PROG BMW program F31 smart key FEM

CGDI PROG can program keys to BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, FEM, BDC. Here, i will display how to use CGDI PROG BMW for F31 FEM remote programming.

Remote: 868
Chassis: F020



Voltage test platform



(this tool supports key matching and new key programming (when all keys are lost) of BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, FEM, BDC)


The procedures:

Run CGDI PROG BMW software after finish all connection

Go to FEM/BDC key match


The current FEM BDC needs update the ECU program before performing key matching. Please ensure that the car battery has enough power. The programming process, please keep the equipment cable connection


Please remove the FEM BDC and then use the programmer to read and save data from the 95XXX EEPROM chip on FEM BDC computer board


Read the original car EEPROM data file


The 95128 EEPROM chip




CGDI BMW is reading the chip data





Save data


Use the programmer to write the calculated new data to the 95XXX EEPROM chip , then put the FEM BDC back into the car



Write M95128

cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-auto-key-programmer-19 cgdi-prog-bmw-msv80-auto-key-programmer-18

Check the FEM connection


Voltage test platform is on


Use the programmer to write the calculated new data to the 95XXX EEPROM chip , then put the FEM BDC back into the car


The ECU is being programmed…




Again, write M95128


Again, write M95128


Voltage test platform should be on




Please remove the FEM BDC and then use the CGDI programmer to write the original car EEPROM data back to 95XXX EEPROM chip and FEM BDC back into the car


Coding is successful!!!!



Job’s done

The Support Vehicle List of VXSCAN El-50448 Auto PMS Activation Tool OEC-T5 for Gm Series Vehicle

2010 9-5
2010 Acadia, Enclave, OUTLOOK, Traverse (VIN R/V)
2010 Allure, LaCrosse (VIN G)
2010 Antara, Captiva, Terrain, Winstorm
2010 Avalanche, Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon (VIN C/K)
2010 Aveo, G3, Barina (VIN S/T)
2010 Buick Excelle
2010 Buick Regal (China)
2010 Camaro (VIN F)
2010 Canyon, Colorado (VIN S/T)
2010 Cobalt, G5 (VIN A)
2010 Corvette (VIN Y)
2010 Cruze (China)
2010 Cruze
2010 CTS (VIN D)
2010 Daewoo Lacetti
2010 DTS (VIN K)
2010 Equinox, Terrain (VIN L)
2010 Express, Savana (VIN G/H)
2010 G6 (VIN Z)
2010 H3/H3T (VIN N)
2010 HHR (VIN A)
2010 Impala (VIN W)
2010 Insignia
2010 LaCrosse (China)
2010 Lucerne (VIN H)
2010 Malibu (VIN Z)
2010 Opel/Vauxhall Astra
2010 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
2010 SKY, Solstice (VIN M)
2010 SRX (VIN N)
2010 STS (VIN D)
2010 VE/WM – Sedan, Sportwagon, Ute, Lumina, Caprice, HSV
2010 VUE (VIN Z), Captiva Sport
2011 Acadia, Enclave, Traverse (VIN R/V)
2011 Alpheon
2011 Antara, Captiva
2011 Astra
2011 Avalanche, Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon (VIN C/K)
2011 Aveo, Barina (VIN S/T)
2011 Buick Excelle
2011 Buick Regal (China)
2011 Camaro (VIN F)
2011 Canyon, Colorado (VIN S/T)
2011 Caprice PPV
2011 Captiva Sport
2011 Corvette (VIN Y)
2011 Cruze
2011 CTS (VIN D)
2011 DTS (VIN K)
2011 Equinox, Terrain (VIN L)
2011 Express, Savana (VIN G/H)
2011 HHR (VIN A)
2011 Impala (VIN W)
2011 Insignia
2011 LaCrosse (China)
2011 Lucerne (VIN H)
2011 Malibu (VIN Z)
2011 Orlando
2011 Regal (VIN G)
2011 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
2011 SRX (VIN N)
2011 STS (VIN D)
2011 VE/WM – Sedan, Ute, Sportwagon, Caprice, Lumina, Omega, VXR8
2011 Volt
2012 Acadia, Enclave, Traverse (VIN R/V)
2012 Alpheon  (2706)
2012 Ampera, Volt (VIN R) (Europe)
2012 Antara, Captiva
2012 Astra-J  (2857)
2012 Avalanche, Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon (VIN C/K)
2012 Aveo Classic, Barina Classic (VIN T)
2012 Aveo, Sonic  (2777)
2012 Barina  (2774)
2012 Buick Excelle  (2861)
2012 Camaro (VIN F)
2012 Canyon, Colorado (VIN S/T)
2012 Caprice PPV
2012 Captiva Sport
2012 Chevrolet Cobalt  (2809)
2012 Colorado (Other IO), S10 (South America)
2012 Corvette (VIN Y)
2012 Cruze  (2863)
2012 CTS (VIN D)
2012 Equinox, Terrain (VIN L)
2012 Express, Savana (VIN G/H)
2012 Impala (VIN W)
2012 Insignia  (2707)
2012 LaCrosse (China)  (2710)
2012 LaCrosse (VIN G)  (2709)
2012 Malibu (VIN Z)
2012 Opel Combo-D
2012 Optra, Viva (VIN J)
2012 Orlando  (2859)
2012 Regal (China)  (2711)
2012 Regal (VIN G)  (2708)
2012 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)
2012 Sonic (US/Canada)  (2775)
2012 SRX (VIN N)
2012 VE/WM – Sedan, Ute, Sportwagon, Caprice, Lumina, VXR8
2012 Verano (US/Canada)  (2816)
2012 Volt (VIN R)
2012 Zafira-C  (2860)
2013 Acadia, Enclave, Traverse (VIN R/V)  (3206)
2013 Alpheon  (3094)
2013 Ampera, Volt (VIN R) (Europe)  (3211)
2013 Antara, Captiva  (5376555)
2013 Astra-J Convertible/Coupe  (5376567)
2013 Astra-J  (5376577)
2013 ATS (VIN A)  (3086)
2013 Avalanche, Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon (VIN C/K)  (3088)
2013 Aveo, Sonic (Africa, Middle East, AP, South America, CKD, Mexico)  (5376711)
2013 Aveo, Sonic (Europe)  (5376704)
2013 Barina  (5376837)
2013 Camaro (VIN F)  (3106)
2013 Caprice PPV  (3105)
2013 Captiva Sport  (3101)
2013 Cobalt  (3107)
2013 Colorado, Colorado 7, S10, Trailblazer  (5392270)
2013 Combo-D
2013 Corvette (VIN Y)  (3104)
2013 Cruze (Global)  (5377099)
2013 CTS (VIN D)  (3085)
2013 Encore (China)  (5377162)
2013 Encore, Trax (North America)  (5377181)
2013 Equinox, Terrain (VIN L)  (3100)
2013 Excelle  (5377155)
2013 Express, Savana (VIN G/H)  (3103)
2013 Impala (VIN W)  (3102)
2013 Insignia  (3098)
2013 LaCrosse (China)  (3095)
2013 LaCrosse (VIN G) (North America)  (3090)
2013 Malibu (China)  (3096)
2013 Malibu (Europe, Other IO and South America)  (2713)
2013 Malibu (North America)  (3093)
2013 Mokka, Trax, Tracker (Europe)  (5377179)
2013 Onix  (3166)
2013 Orlando (Global)  (5377530)
2013 Regal (China)  (3099)
2013 Regal (VIN G) (North America)  (3089)
2013 Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K)  (3087)
2013 Sonic (US/Canada)  (5377994)
2013 Spark (US/Canada), Barina Spark (Automatic Transmission)  (5421555)
2013 Spin
2013 SRX (VIN N)  (3201)
2013 Trax, Tracker (Africa, Australia, Middle East, South America)  (5377156)
2013 VE/WM Ute, Caprice, Lumina
2013 Verano (US/Canada)  (5377996)
2013 Volt (VIN R) (North America, Holden)  (3210)
2013 XTS (China)  (3092)
2013 XTS (North America)  (3091)
2013 Zafira-Tourer

[Hot Sale]VXSCAN El-50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Activation Tool OEC-T5 for Gm Series Vehicle

For GM vehicles equipped with a 315 or 433 MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, a “Sensor Re-Learn Procedure” must be performed after tire rotations, Remote Control Door Lock Receiver Module replacement or Tire Pressure Sensor replacement. This re-learn procedure can be performed by using special tool EL-50448.Also works on 2014 GM models



The tire pressure sensor on models in & after 2012 can be read, only with some specified diagnostic tools.
Before tire pressure monitoring system works normally properly, the body control module will record ID information of each position in the tire pressure sensor; and use the following methods to read the tire pressure sensor after replacing a tire or wheel speed sensor. Please refer to the specific methods as follows:

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