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How to add smart keys to Volvo XC40 2018- 2021 with Launch X431 IMMO Elite/IMMO Plus?

To add smart keys to Volvo XC40 2018-2021 using Launch X431 IMMO Elite/IMMO Plus, you can follow the simple steps outlined in the “IMMO Prog” function. The entire process takes approximately 3 minutes.

First, select the Volvo option in the menu, and then choose the newest version V10.03. From there, navigate to the Anti-Theft Key Matching section and select XC40 as the specific model for key matching. Make sure you choose the correct year range, which is 2018-2021.

Before proceeding, it is recommended to check the Volvo/Lynkco anti-theft operation guide provided by Launch X431 IMMO Elite/IMMO Plus. You will find an operation introduction and a wiring diagram that you can refer to throughout the process.


To add a key, you will need to remove the CEM (Central Electronic Module) module from the vehicle. Follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure a proper and safe operation.


After removing the CEM module, you need to connect the Launch X–Prog3 key programmer to the module using the MCU V1 and MCU cable V1, following the provided wiring diagram.




Once the connection is established, you can start reading the CEM security data and adding the smart key. Select the “Read CEM security data (disassembling and reading)” option and pay attention to the prompts on the screen.


Make sure to save the vehicle immobilizer data after reading it successfully. This step is crucial for the key matching process.


Next, select the “Smart keys added” option and follow the prompts on the screen. Turn the START knob to the right once and release it, and load the CEM security data that was just read.

To complete the key matching process, place the smart key to be matched in the designated sensing area, usually marked with a key symbol on the cup holder. Ensure that there are no other keys inside the vehicle during this step.

If everything is done correctly, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the key matching was successful.


In addition to Volvo XC40, Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite is also capable of successfully matching anti-theft keys for Volvo S40 2004-2012.

How to use OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool on bench for Toyota 89170-0E080

This is a tutorial on how to use OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool on bench. Taking the Toyota 89170-0E080 airbag ECU as an example. Read this article to learn how it works.


Accessories Required
Toyota 89170-0E080 Airbag ECU
P004 Adapter
P004 Jumper
Main cable

Note: Please keep OBDSTAR P50 in charging and communication throughout the whole process.

Airbag reset >> Latest version >> Auto Search part number
This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the Internet connection is normal. Press “Enter”.

Check the part number on the ECU label to search for it.
Note: before repairing the airbag computer, please carefully check “Operation Instructions” at the bottom left to check the best detection method.






Connect according to the wiring diagram.
Turn on the P004 Adapter ignition switch to check ECU info.
We can see the “Crash Recorded” is YES.

Go to read DTC, there’s a crash fault.
Read FLASH(H8SX172x) >> Start
Save the data file.

Click “Erase Crash”.
Executing the “Erase Crash” function will clear all flash data. Please ensure that the “Read FLASH” function has been executed. And open the cover to compare all write flash mode wiring diagrams in the “Operation Instructions”. There is a picture that can correspond to your ECU.
Otherwise, after executing this function, flash data can only be recovered through the programmer.
Enter >> Enter
Erase crash success. Please follow the wiring diagram of write flash mode, and execute the “Write FLASH” function after removing/welding the resistance.




Turn on the P004 Adapter ignition switch again.
Advanced function >> write FLASH(H8SX172x)
Confirm that the “Write FLASH” operation has been performed after removing/welding the resistance according to the write flash mode wiring diagram.
Enter >> Enter >> Selected data file >> Start
Writing data success.
Please disconnect the 12V power supply of P004(or turn off the ignition) and wait for the 30s, then reconnect the 12V power supply of P004(or turn on the ignition).
Go to erase DTC, then check ECU info again.
As we can see, the “Crash Recorded” has been changed to NO.
The crash fault has been cleared.
The airbag reset is done.





2023 Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs BMW ICOM Next

2023 Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs BMW ICOM Next

The super ICOM Pro N3+ is the 2023 new BMW ICOM alternative since all ICOM A2/Next clones are discontinued.
Here comes a brief comparison between ICOM Next clone,ICOM Pro 1st generation and 2nd generation(N3+)

ICOM Next vs Super MB Pro N3 vs ICOM Pro N3+

comparison between icom

In conclusion:
Super ICOM Pro N3+ BMW Diagnostic tool is the best choice
ICOM Next is a specific BMW dealer-level diagnostic scanner.The clones uses different solutions,so it can not scan non-OBDII older models or motorcycles.
Super ICOM Pro N3+=BMW Special inspection+J2534+DOIP+WIFI
It covers the functions of N3,and both adapt the original ICOM solution which allows firmware updates from ICOM server


super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

Moreover,N3+ also supports both DOIP and J2534, and has a one-key switch button to freely switch between ICOM software and J2534/DOIP software.

super icom pro n3+

How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+ ?
1.Plug the power supply into N3+ or connect with the vehicle via the OBD cable, and connect the USB cable of N3+

super icom pro n3+ connection
2.Open the computer, and connect it to the USB cable
3.Open computer configuration interface and find”Realtek USB FE Family Controller” network

super icom pro n3+
4.Click Properties–TCP/IPV4, and set the IP address and DNS server addresses as below

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:
After setting,click OK, and the wired network configuation is completed.

5.If you want to replace a new N3+ on the same computer, need to reset the IP address.After completing settings, it computer will be bound to N3+, and the network icon will disappear after you unplug the USB cable.After using the N3+ with wired and wireless internet access, you do not need to set the IP address again.

6.Then use the BMW special inspection software to test normally

7.When using wireless detection, you need to dial down the USB cable at the end of the computer, and then you will find that the SSID is N3+ ICOM***** Connect directly, and input the password 123456789,no equipment is required, you can directly use BMW special inspection software.

8.Use N3+ J2534 function to test a Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, LandRover, etc.
Open the special test software,install the J2534 driver,select the PassThru menu in the special test software,select ISO J2534 device from the list,plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+,long press the N3+ switch button for 3s,and the N3+ host wired and wireless indictor will flash to test normally
9.Use the DOIP function of N3+ to test the DOIP protocol of new Mercedes,Benz,Volkswagen, LandRover
First plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+,long press the N3+ switch button for 3s,the wired wireless indicator of the N3+ host will flash,then turn on the wireless of the computer,find N3+ ICOM*** wireless,connect directly, enter the password 123456789,start the special inspection software ,find the DOIP menu to test directly

10.N3+ is a BMW special inspection tool,100% running BWM special inspection procedures, the tested models and the test results are completely consistent with BMW special inspection.The functions of N3+ are auxiliary functions.In the range tested by J2534 and DOIP, the results are consistent with those of the special inspection, but they cannot include all functions and models of the special inspection, mainly for the dection of CAN,K and DOIP functions of new OBD models.It can replace J2534 detection line and ENET line.

for more product details,please visist following link



Launch X431 IMMO Plus vs IMMO Elite vs X431 V+ vs PAD VII

Launch X431 Xprog3 with GIII is used to  program Benz/BMW/VAG/Porsche keys and clone or replace ECU/TCU modules.What’s the difference among Launch X431 IMMO Plus,IMMO Elite,X431V+ and X431 PAD VII with Xprog3 ?

difference among launch series

difference among launch series

In sum:
IMMO Plus has the same key programming and ECU/TCU clone functions as IMMO Elite.The difference between these two is that IMMO Elite has basic diagnostics but IMMO Plus has full diagnostics
IMMO tablets support newer vehicle immo programming,i.e Volvo pre-2022,Toyota pre-2022,X431 V+ and PAD VII do not.
PAD VII supports online programming, others do not.
To clone or replace ECU or gearbox TCU with X-prog3,your tablet should have the ability to connect via USB.Lanuch X431 V+ only connects via Bluetooth, so X431V+ with GIII can not clone ECU/TCU.

launch machine connectionlaunch machine connetion

Launch X431 V+ Bluetooth Connection                                           Launch X431 IMMO Plus USB Connection

Xprog3 Support ECU/TCU Clone Type

ecu tcu clone type