How to Program 2018 BMW 530LI xDrive G38 EPS by Launch X431 PAD VII


How to use Launch X-431 PAD VII to program BMW ECU? This is programming the 2018 BMW 530LI xDrive G38 EPS as instructed.

Local diagnose >> BMW >> OK >> Automatically Search >> 5 Series >> 5’_G38 >> Coding/Program >> Program >> Read tips, OK >> Automatic Programming
Confirming the transport mode…
(Some MILs have been lighted which is a normal phenomenon)

Operation Tips
Local programming backup information detected:
1. Quickly press the last configuration to access.
2. If the hardware changes, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
3. If the vehicle command changes, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
4. If the programming indicated the hardware is mismatched, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
5. For any uncertainty, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
Whether to quickly load the last configuration information? Press “No”.





Succeeded to get the other vehicle information…
Next >> EPS(Electronic Power Steering) >> OK >> Program >> Select files(asterisk means it must be selected) >> Next

Please confirm the vehicle conditions:
1. The vehicle is connected to an external power supply or the vehicle power supply can support the steady discharge for at least 1 hour.
2. The vehicle voltage can be stable for at least 13V.
3. Ignition on(engine not start).
4. Switch off all electricity-consuming equipment, eg. air conditioner.
Press “Yes”.




Downloading files…
Continue or not? Yes
X-431 PAD 7 will start programming automatically…
ECU restart…
Clear fault code…
Programming completed.
*DO NOT disconnect immediately, as it needs to complete the coding.

Recoding has been completed.




How to set Online programming function for Launch X431 Pro5

Launch X431 Pro5 Online Programming Function Setting Steps

First, Connect the computer and the device with a USB cable, and set the USB connection method to “Media device (MTP)” on the device.

launch x431 pro5 online programming settings 1

Secondly,Enter the computer and find the file named “StdCfg.ini.” in the directory (\Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Rel\Internal shared storage\cnlaunch\X431Pro5\assets).

launch x431 pro5 online programming settings 2

launch x431 pro5 online programming settings 3

launch x431 pro5 online programming settings 4

Thirdly,Open and edit “StdCfg.ini” with a text editor, find two fields “OnlineFlash=0” and “Flash=0”, the default value is 0, indicating that the diagnostic software does not support online programming, click the corresponding field, change the value to 1, and save. After the save is successful, the corresponding value will change to 1, as circled in the figure below, indicating that the diagnostic software can support the online programming function.

launch x431 pro5 online programming settings 5

Kindly Note: Except Spain and Portugal do NOT support the online programming, devices in other regions can be setted according to the above method for online programming. The overseas online programming menu will not be displayed on the home page, and you need to enter the corresponding diagnostic software to have the corresponding menu


New Arrival Launch X431 PAD II 2 Full System WiFi Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 PAD II is the new high-end diagnosis solution. Using the open source Android OS for deep car analysis and work with its large number of special functions. X431 PAD 2 covers more than 70 brands, access to all available vehicle systems; coding, programming (key, immobilizer system) and service reset.


X431 PAD II Features:

Professional and systematic DTC scan
Read & clear DTCs and use the integrated DTC one-click search
Record and playback Live Data
Display various graph streams simultaneously (up to 15 graph streams)
Remote diagnosis via golo
Easy and quick update via Wi-Fi
More powerful hardware configuration
Cortex-A7 4 core processor, 1.2GHZ; 2G memory, solid state memory 32G; 10.1 inch IPS high definition capacitive screen; machine passed the IP65 test
Comprehensive diagnosis for all functions
Full system diagnostic device, supporting: Read data streams, storage, playback, read DTCs, clear DTCs, actuation test, special functions
Large car model diagnosis coverage
DTC intelligent search
With the car model name prefix to quickly search for DTCs on Internet.
Maintenance database
Provide a large amount of vehicle maintenance information
Upgrade center
Support one-click upgrade for firmware and car model software and release updates in real time.

This is Original tool of Launch Pad II.with good quality and power for function,you can have a try.


Instruction on LAUNCH X431 V Client uninstall and reinstall



How to uninstall and reinstall LAUNCH X431 V Client

Step 1: Uninstall X431 V client

Step 2: Delete “cnlaunch “ from these 2 files: “ES File Explorer” and “File Manager” as following picture shows:

Step3: Browse to download the newest version for X431 V client, and then install it. Important Note: you need to find X431 V under “Product Introduction”, and install X431 V Android version.

Step4: Open X431 V Client that has been installed, log into your CC account

Step5: Update software by following the below picture instruction.


Important Note: the X431 V you downloaded will be saved in “downloads” shown as follows.