Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool user manual: All info here

Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool all FAQs here including version /Area, language, color, update, price, comparison with VVDI Key Tool, how to use with IOS/Android etc.

Generally speaking, VVDI key tool functions – renew remote function = VVDI Mini Key Tool.

VVDI Mini Key Tool share as the same APP as VVDI key tool and Condor Dolphin.


VVDI mini key tool parts and accessories:


1.version /Area is available with US and European version.














Use “Google Play store” and “App Store” to search “Xhrose“.

Install and update the newest version of vvdi mini key tool.



VVDI mini key tool is 50USD -80USD cheaper than VVDI key tool.

6.Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Vs VVI key tool

1)VVDI key tool functions – renew remote function = VVDI Mini Key Tool.

VVDI Mini Key Tool functionalities:

Transponder Editing &Cloning

Detect most immobilizer transponder, edit and clone common transponder in the market.

Transponder Generating

Support TP transponder & parts of special transponder more than 700 vehicle

models, reduce the stock of transponders efficiently.



Remote Cloning

Support the HCS/Fixed code cloning, support non-HCS rolling code cloning, support

PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fixed code editing.

Garage Remote Generating

Supporting more than 100 types.

Remote Generate

Support 128 brands, over 2000 vehicle models. Generate more abundant and

thorough key pictures, transponder types, key blanks and remote matching data.

Frequency Test

Support the power test within the range of 300-450MHz.

Toyota H transponder

Activate Toyota H transponder generation function

2) VVDI Mini Key Tool shares as the same APP as VVDI key tool and Condor Dolphin.

Use “Google Play store” and “App Store” to search “Xhrose“, then install to use.

When launch the APP, it will give two images on how to use VVDI mini key tool for the first time.

Start: Press and hold power button 1 second.

Shutdown: Press and hold power button 4 seconds.

The machine comes with Bluetooth Status button and Battery level button as well as firmware version.

Detect transponder

Press and hold power button 1 second to stitch.

Frequency test: press and hold power button 2 seconds to switch.



VVDI Mini Key Tool new APP:


Mini Key tool operation menu:

Vehicle remote

Garage remote

Remote clone

Transponder clone

Generate transponder

Special function

VVDI Key tool New APP menu:

Vehicle remote

Garage remote

Remote clone

Remote renew

Transponder clone

Generate transponder

Collect bonus points

Xhorse New APP settings: Bluetooth setting, Language and About us.

Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth (to connect vvdi key tool ,vvdi mini key tool, Dolphin);

APP Language: Chinese and English so far.


3) VVDI key tool: with bigger screen (2.4″), it can work alone except the online function such as 46 4D offline copy, and it can perform online functions by connecting to the phone.

VVDI Mini key tool: most functions is completed via phone, it has smaller screen (0.91″)

4) VVDI Mini key tool comes with big-capacity battery.

Here comes VVDI mini key tool parameters:

OLED Size: 0.91 ”
Extra Power: 5V/1A
Usage Time: >10 Hour
Product Size: 140×64.5×23.5mm
Weight: 86g
Charge Current: 650mA
Battery Capacity: 8 00mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.6-4.2V
OLED resolution: 128*32

Here comes VVDI key tool parameters:

OLED Size: 2.4″
Extra Power: 5V/1A
Usage Time: >10 Hour
Product Size: 108x6194x28mm
Weight: 229g
Charge Current: 1A
Battery Capacity: 150Ah
Power: 600mW

Battery Voltage: 3.6-4.2V

OLED resolution: 320*240

2019 CGDI BMW AT-200 ECU Programmer & OBD ISN code reader

BMW AT-200 ECU Programmer & OBD ISN code reader, imported product at cheaper price.

1.BMW ECU data read and write, clone (necessary for BMW ECU repair)
Effectively solve the second-hand ECU matching problem after the damage of the BMW ECU control unit. With CGDI BMW AT200, it can directly read the original car computer data and then clone it, it can read and write on almost all ECU types: MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 N20 N55 B38 B48 etc Engine clone.

Successfully made up the market for BMW ECU reading and writing equipment, saving high equipment costs

2.BMW IMMO ISN code reading via OBD(Necessary for car locksmith)
Can quickly solve the problem of data collection of BMW all keys lost, read and write without dismantling, which is more stable and more efficient.

If you want to program new key for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series , X5, X6, GT535, etc with six-cylinder engine, you must OBD read ISN code to program the key.

Can work with: Yanhua Digimaster3, CGDI BMW, VVDI, AP etc to program keys.

Save money: the same price of similar equipment is very expensive, around 60000USD.

This imported BMW AT200 is stable, high effective and easy-to-use because it passed through strict quality inspection.

Mercedes 271, Audi, Volkswagen 06J computer will be added in the next updates.


[In Stock]Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool EU Version Based on iOS/Android

Mini Key Tool Function Introduction:

Transponder Editing&Cloning
Detect most immobilizer transponder, edit and clone common transponder in the market

Transponder Generating
Support TP transponder & parts of special transponder more than 700 vehicle models, reduce the stock of transponders efficiently.

Remote Cloning
Support the HCS/Fixed code cloning, support non-HCS rolling code cloning, support PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fixed code editing.

Frequency Test
Support the power test within the range of 300-450Mhz

Remote Generate
Support 128 brands, over 2000 vehicle models. Generate more abundant and thorough key pictures, transponder types, key blanks and remote matching data.

Toyota H transponder
Activate Toyota H transponder generation function.




VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI KEYTOOL are the same in the aspect of remote and chip generation & copy.

1. VVDI KEY TOOL can work alone, it can separately complete all functions except the online function such as 46 4D offline copy,
and it can perform online functions by connecting to the phone.

KEYTOOL has more functions than Mini key tool such as remote renew functions.

VVDI key tool supports Bluetooth.

VVDI key tool comes with big-capacity battery

2. VVDI mini keytool comes with no battery and no Bluetooth. Only after connecting to the phone can it works fine.



How to use CGDI BMW programmer to do all key lost for BMW CAS3+?

BMW CAS3+ All Key Lost Programming by CGDI BMW

What You Need?

CGDI BMW MSV80 Programmer

CG100 Prog III


Step 1:Read ECU EEPROM

Run CG100 software,enter menu to select “ECU”


Select “BMW E Series”à”MEVD1724(N20)”


After then CG100 software will show the wire connection diagram as below,you need to build the connection according to the diagram.



Click “Read EEPROM”


After data reading successfully,save the EEPROM data on your laptop.


Now you can see the ISN and VIN here:


Step 2:CGDI BMW Programming Key

Connect CGDI BMW Programmer to vehicle by OBD port,then select “BMW OBD Key Match”


Click “Read Key info”


Pull out the key from the ignition when it prompt you as below massage


Then save the data file


Select the key position to program and then click “Generate dealer key ” to continue


Now,here it will prompt you to enter ISN

Select “have engine data,the next step will load the engine data”


Load the engine data read out the CG100 in step 1


Put the new blank key into the CGDI BMW coil,then click “OK” to continue


It will prompt you that “Whether the key currently programmed is a smart key”

Note:If it is a smart key,the key will be locked.

Click “No” to continue


Wait a second minute,it will show the programming key was successfully


After learning,it can be used normally.



Fly FVDI 2018 user manual: Driver Download, Review, Car List

Fly FVDI 2018 is using new server ( and won’t be locked. FVDI 2018 supports key programmer for BMW, Immo 4th/5th for VW etc. It covers all functions of FVDI2014, FVDI2015, FVDI2016.

Free download FDVI 2018 V2.0 driver on Mega:!SEozCQ7J!2SYTSovmMUVPOVTIuR06v4SI8qfy7OuTU8Od1Iu7x2Y

Safety: 100% yes supplied by Fly engineer

FDVI 2018 Reviews:

1. I ordered one. I had FVDI2014 and 2015 before. This 2018version has the same software versions as the 2015 version except that has updated software for VAG and BMW/Mini. IMMO 4 and 5 key programming is working. Only tested on 2012 Scirocco 2.0 TSi and 2014 Audi A5 2.0T.
Mercedes software still has bugs for odometer correction. W204 did not work.
Overall it is good value for money. Not as good as OBDStar X300 DP pad for keys and odometer but has many better functions like programming and calibrations.

2.I bought FVDI 18 software for 577€ in 2015.
It works well until now (i use Windows 10 and Windows 7).

Like fvdi 2018 from:, Only 315 EUR


Fly FVDI 2018 car list:

FVDI 2018 is compatible with AVDI software(all full package):

1.ABRITES Commander for VAG V18.0 and V24.0 (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda)
2.ABRITES Commander for BMW V10.4 (BMW, Mini)
3.ABRITES Commander for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart V5.11 and V7.0 (Mercedes, Maybach, Smart)
4.ABRITES Commander for Renault V5.2 and V6.3 (Renault, Dacia)
5.ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen V5.10 and V6.7 (Peugeot, Citroen)
7.ABRITES Commander for Opel/Vauxhall V5.8 and V6.6 (Opel, Vauxhall)
8.ABRITES Commander for Ford V4.9
9.ABRITES Commander for Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge V3.3 (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge)
10.ABRITES Commander for Porsche V4.1
11.ABRITES Commander for Toyota/Lexus/ Scion V9.0 (Toyota, Lexus, Scion)
12.ABRITES Commander for Nissan V4.3 (Nissan, Infiniti)
13.ABRITES Commander for Hyundai/Kia V2.1 (Hyundai, Kia)
14.ABRITES Commander for Volvo V4.3
15.ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi V2.1
16.ABRITES Commander for DAF V1.0
17.ABRITES Commander for Bikes/Snowmobiles/Water scooters V1.2
18.ABRITES Commander for TAG Key Tool V6.2

FVDI 2018 VAG Special functions:

Immo 4th Key Learning/Mileage correction

1.Instrument – CDC3217/CDC3297/CDC3272 + 24C2
2.Instrument – NEC+24C32

3.Instrument – NEC+24C64

4.Instrument – NEC+24C64 (2013-)

5.Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2012 TFT color display)

6.Instrument– NEC+24C64 (2013 TFT color display)

7.Instrument– NEC+95320

8.Instrument– Motorola 9S12XHZ512(Golf6 MM7 – 2011)

9.Instrument– NEC+95320(Johnson Controls)

10.Instrument– NEC+95320(JCI – 2013 Bora/Jetta)

11.Instrument– Visteon

12.VW Passat B6/B7/CC
13.Touareg/Phaeton/A8/Cayenne/Bentley 4th immobilizer

14.Audi A1 – NEC+24C64

15.Audi A3/TT/R8 – CDC3217/3297 + 24C32

16.Audi A4 – instrument Crypto RB4 (2001+)

17.Audi A4 –instrument Crypto RB8 (2004+)

18.Audi A6/Q7/Allroad – EZS-Kessy

19.Audi Q3

Immo 5th Key Learning by OBDII

1.Audi A4/A5/Q5 (Add key, All key lost)
2.Audi A6/A7/A8, VW Touareg (Add key)

Others Immo type

1.Audi A4/A6 (immobilizer box) -1997 – KWP1281
2.Audi A8 (immobilizer box) -1999 – KWP1281
3.Audi A2/A3/A6/TT/Allroad 1997+ – KWP1281
4.Audi A4 1997-2002 – KWP1281
5.Audi A4 2002+ – KWP2000
6.Audi A8 1999-2002 – KWP1281
7.Audi A3 – CAN
8.Audi A6/Q7/Allroard 2005+ – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)
9.Seat Altea -2007 – CAN
10.Seat Cordoba
11.Seat Ibiza (immobilizer box) -1999 – KWP1281
12.Seat Ibiza 1999+
13.Seat Leon – KWP1281
14.Seat Leon -2007 – CAN
15.Seat Toledo – KWP1281
16.Seat Toledo -2007 – CAN
17.Skoda Octavia – KWP1281
18.Skoda Octavia II -2007 – CAN
19.Skoda Octavia II 2007+ – CAN
20.Skoda Superb – KWP1281
21.Skoda Roomster – KWP1281
22.Skoda Scout -2007 – CAN
23.Skoda Fabia (immobilizer box) -1999 – KWP1281
24.Skoda Fabia 1999+ – KWP1281
25.VAG (immobilizer box) – KWP1281
26.VAG KWP1281 Immobilizer – KWP1281
27.VAG KWP2000 Immobilizer – KWP2000
28.VW Polo (PCF7935 transponder) – KWP1281
29.VW Touareg/Phaeton/Bentley/Cyenne Kline – KWP2000
30.Audi A8 – CAN
31.VW, Seat, Skoda -2007 – CAN
32.Porsche Cayenne CAN – CAN
33.VW Passat B6/CC – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)
34.VW Passat B6/CC with EDC17/MED17 – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)
35.VW Golf V with Visteon dash
36.Audi A4 (RB8 Instrument Cluster) 2004+ – KWP2000
37.VW, Seat, Skoda 2007+ – CAN (Support OBD lost all key)
38.VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi with VDO NEC 2009+ – UDS (Support OBD lost all key)
39.Lamborghini Gallardo -2005
40.Lamborghini Gallardo 2005+
41.VW with NEC+95320 or Magneti Marelli with Motorola 9S12 2009+ – UDS (Support OBD lost all key)
42.Immobilizer box use Megamos – KWP1281
43.New Beetle – KWP2000
44.Johnson Controls with 95320 – UDS (Support OBD lost all key)

Remote Learning by OBDII

Support adapt remote key with 09 unit (BCM system and BFM system) (4th immobilizer – UDS dashboard)

ECU Adaptation

1.ME7.1.1/7.5/7.8 master
2.ME7.1.1/7.5/7.8 slaver
3.MED 9.1 single
4.MED 9.1 master
5.MED 9.1 slaver
6.MED 9.5.10
9.EDC16U1 master
10.EDC16U1 slaver
12.EDC16U31 master
13.EDC16U31 slaver
16.EDC16CP34 master
17.EDC16CP34 slaver
18.EDC16C4 master
19.EDC16C4 slaver
20.SIMOS PPD 1.1/1.5(Siemens)
21.SIMOS benzin(Siemens)
22.Porsche 5.2/7.8

VVDI2-BMW Special functions:

Key Learning by OBDII

Support CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, ISTAP

Mileage Correction

Support CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, ISTAP

KeyMaker by dump

Support EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4, CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4

AURO OtoSys IM600 Questions and Answers

Here are questions and answers of AURO OtoSys IM600 key programming tool, which helps you out.


Look here:

Q: Is this IM600 any good? Pros and cons?

A: For diagnosis and programming of some modules this is perfect

Works very well in that module programming. to schedule keys still missing

Q: Is it different between Auro OtoSys IM100 and IM600 in immobilizer functions?

A: Main difference lies in Mercedes, VW, Audi software

Software is Same but differ hardware. IM100 use UP200. IM600 use UP400.

Up200 doesn’t allow for eeprom and use of breakout leads through the custom pinouts.

Q: Does it have bi directional controls?

A: Not the im100

The im600 has full bi-directional controls active test special functions

Q: Hello guys, where did you get you IM600?

A: I bought it on . That’s good.

Q: A question to the lads on this page before my company buys this machine Im600 what cars have you successfully done a key for?

A: 2007 Nissan titan, 2007 Chrysler Sebring, 2008 Volkswagen, 2010 Nissan, 2000-2012 ford and a few others

Q: Can someone post the full details of AURO OTOSYS IM600 ?

check official website

Q: 2010 Chrysler Town and Country…major fail which is surprising since so many other China tools work

A: Pin code reading is not available yet 🙁 I was able to do a 2010 Jeep G Cherokee, when I used the 820 to pull the pin

Q: I just purchased Im600 but I dt know may be I still need Pin Code Caculator, such as ICC or CWP?

A: Looks like it doesn’t pull pin codes.

Q: Does anyone know how to add key BMW E90 with CAS module by IM600?

A: Wait for the update. Tried a bmw and Benz this weekend. Couldn’t do much. I think the next update is June

Q: Does the IM 600 provide Benz IMMO?
I don’t see it in list of immo program.

A: It’s a future update.

Q: Does the IM600 support add key Toyota G and H chip & all keys lost ?

A: Yes.

Q: When can we see Mercedes bmw and more vw audi software immo coming out? the suspense is killing me

A: Engineers are working hard on the software development now, plan to finish some software on August or September. We will keep pushing them. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Q: Does Auro Sys IM600 do mercedes al keys lost????

A: Nope. The future update will add Benz. but now vvdi mb should work good

Q: Can the im600 pull a pin code 02 jeep liberty?

A: No

Q: Can I have the same function of BMW in ACDP if I have an Im600?

A: IM600 for BMW FEM/ BDC only, not for CAS and EWS

So, Yanhua ACDP will be better

Q: I just got an IM600. Can someone confirm. it will not program Ford keys?

A: Currently it will not program them under immo. There is some stuff under diagnostics. The update for them is in a month or so

Edit to update: Auro Im600 Ford Immo added!

Q: I’m yet to be impressed with my Auro IM100, it has no Ford immo, and can’t do 2013 corolla all key lost.

A: Ford IMMO has been updated on 05.2018; pls kindly register your IM100 and go to Update page to download the software, thank you!

More FAQs of Auro IM600 will be updated here…

How to Get Verification Code to Activate Yanhua Mini ACDP?

We have a customer asking how to get the verification code to activate the Yanhua Mini ACDP key programmer. Here’s the step-by-step guide to connect and activate ACDP device.

Register interface on Android system. Prompt to bind your device first.


Step 1: Connect/Bind ACDP with mobile phone
How to connect Yanhua ACDP with your mobile phone/bind device with your phone?


Turn on Bluetooth in order to search ACDP Bluetooth (BUT DON’T PAIR BLUETOOTH)



Turn on WiFi and search available WiFi with a better signal

Then enter WiFi password to connect


Open Mini ACDP app


Click on Setting icon


Select “Initial use settings”


Follow 3 steps to bind device:

1.The mobile phone is connected to the WIFI and confirm it has access to the Internet

2. ACDP hardware access to power supply

3.Long press the SET button on the ACDP main unit about 7 seconds until the device all indicators turn on



Select ACDP option and enter password to pair


Select device to bind


Mini ACDP is bound to mobile phone.

Step 2: Register Yanhua Mini ACDP
Take iOS operating system as an example:




Click on Login ->Go to register


Please complete the registration information, phone number, password, email, address etc




Select get verification code via ACDP device (if you have bound device with phone) or Phone.

If select via ACDP device, it will automatically fill in the blank


Registration completed. Now you can use the key programmer.

CG Pro 9S12 programmer new adapters for you choose

CG Pro 9S12 programmer adds many new adapter for you choose as you like.

Here we go for details incl. functions and adapter image.

SK238-2:35080/35160 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to operate M35080/35160 series chip


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-3. EEPROM & V850 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do 8pin chip and NEC/ Renesas series chip


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-4. AM29FXXX adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do AM29F200/AM29F400/AM29F800 series chip.

For ECU repair, Immobilizer repair etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-5. AM29BLxxx adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do AM29BL802 series chip

Used for ECU repair, Immobilizer repair or Weizhi immobilizer cancel etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-6: HC705 /908 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do HC705 /908 series chip.

Used for old Mercedes Benz Immobilizer reading & writing, Benz EIS repair etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-7: DB25 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do Motorola series (Freescale) without soldering.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-8: 711 adapter for CG Pro 9s12

Repair BMW EWS data and EWS change.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-9: 12P welding cable for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do NEC-Renesas series without soldering


SRC: xxxxxx

All of the above adapters are designed to work together with CG PRO 9S12 programmer.

Yanhua Mini ACDP exhibit in 2018 5.18 Chinese locksmith Annual meeting

Yanhua Mini ACDP, the newest representative work of Nanning Yanhua Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, exhibit 2018 5.18 Chinese locksmith Annual meeting.


So far, Yanhua Mini ACDP can work with mobile phone of IOS and Android, before scan the QR code and download it, the user need to open the wifi.

You can see from these images, locksmith don’t need to remove chip, soldering, cut the line and lift the pin. ACDP features in OBD programming, Memory and MCU programming In Circuits and MCU programming in Circuits. Also it will display the connection status.