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Xhorse MINI Plus II Conductivity Issue

Xhorse MINI Plus II Conductivity Issue

1 , Remove those those screws for take off machine screen

condor plus iicondor plus ii

2, Pull out the whole motor to expose the whole motor case and remove those screws to take off motor case

condor plus iicondor plus ii

3 , After remove the motor case , the cable which related conductivity it will expose , please check if that cable has any damaged


4.This cable go though whole mian motor, one side connect with led bar and one side connect with probe base ,for remove that cable it need to remove the cable socket and then pull it out from bottom led bar side .condor plus ii

5.Loosen the fixing screw of the conductive wire as shown above and remove the LED lamp cover.

condor  plus ii

6.Remove the three fixing screws, note that there are three black plastic parts on the screws, do not lose condor plus ii9_看图王

condor plus ii

7.Check if the four wires are broken or if the screws are tightened.

How to Download, Install, Update and Use Xhorse MLB Tool ?

Tutorial: Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool software download,installation,update and MLB key adding guide

First, free download VVDI MLB Tool software(V1.0.3.0)


No Password

OS: WIN10, WIN11

Lauguage supported: English, Chinese

xhores mlb tool

Next, open VVDI-MLB_1.0.3.0 exe to install until the process is complet
(It’s very easy and fast to install)

Then, disable anti-virus software before running VVDI-MLB Tool software. Otherwise , the software cannot be opened normally.

As the latest software is V1.0.7.0 , you will receive the update prompt when opending the software, just update it online directly.

xhorse vvdi mlb tool

VVDI MLB Tool Software Instruction:

There are four options on the toolbar: Sync Authorization, Update Online, Special Function and Help

All options require you to connect Xhorse MLB Tool and computer except software upgrade, language change and diagnostic report creation.

1. Sync Authorization

Need to connect Xhorse MLB Tool and computer

2. Update Online

✅ Software upgrade: click it and check for updates
✅ Firmware Update
✅ Upgrade OEM keys

xhorse mlb tool

3. Special Function

✅ Modify key ID
✅ Recover the key
✅ Smart key customization
✅ Remote collection test
✅ Bind device

xhorse mlb tool

Users must combine device with Xhorse app. Otherwise may fail to calculate immo data online.

After selecting Bind device, scan QR code and bind MLB Tool with Xhorse APP via mobile phone.


Language: you can switch language to English or Chinese Simply

Creat Diagnostic Report:
Diagnostic reports help you understand and solve the problems you encounter when using VVDI-MLB Tool. You can click”OK”
to creat a diagnostic report on the desktop

xhrose mlb tool

xhorse mlb tool

How to add key by VVDI MLB Tool ?

Step1: Identify key
Place the key in the device identification area for identification.

Step2: Collect key data
open the original MLB key, connect the original car key PCB as shown in the diagram, click”Collect Key Data” button after connection. The server takes approximately 10 seconds to calculate.
Save the calculation data when it completed.

Step3: Make dealer key
Load the saved data above and generate dealer keys.

The use VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool Plus to learn key.

VVDI MLB Tool MLB Wiring Diagrams(6 types):

No need to remove chip. But need to remove two capacitors(100nF) and solder cable to original key according to different color as diagram.

Type 1(Audi/Lamborghini)

xhorse mlb tool

Type 2( Audi/Lamborghini)

xhorse mlb tool


xhorse mlb tool


xhorse mlb tool




xhorse mlb tool

How to send diagnosis data to Autel Serve? 
1, Enter “Diagnosis” Menu
2. Select vehicle you want to diagnosis
Autel Update Data Steps
3. Select detailed vehicle models
Autel Update Data Steps
4. Click the button on the top right shows as following picture.
Autel Update Data Steps
Select” Model of year absent”

Autel Update Data Steps
Click” OK “
Autel Update Data Steps
You will enter “Data Logging” screen and then write the reasons for sending errors.
Autel Update Data Steps
Click button to save data

Autel Update Data Steps
Back to “Data Manager” menu
Autel Update Data Steps
Autel Update Data Steps
Autel Update Data Steps

Autel Update Data Steps

Autel Update Data Steps

Autel Update Data Steps