2023 Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs BMW ICOM Next

2023 Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs BMW ICOM Next

The super ICOM Pro N3+ is the 2023 new BMW ICOM alternative since all ICOM A2/Next clones are discontinued.
Here comes a brief comparison between ICOM Next clone,ICOM Pro 1st generation and 2nd generation(N3+)

ICOM Next vs Super MB Pro N3 vs ICOM Pro N3+

comparison between icom

In conclusion:
Super ICOM Pro N3+ BMW Diagnostic tool is the best choice
ICOM Next is a specific BMW dealer-level diagnostic scanner.The clones uses different solutions,so it can not scan non-OBDII older models or motorcycles.
Super ICOM Pro N3+=BMW Special inspection+J2534+DOIP+WIFI
It covers the functions of N3,and both adapt the original ICOM solution which allows firmware updates from ICOM server


super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

Moreover,N3+ also supports both DOIP and J2534, and has a one-key switch button to freely switch between ICOM software and J2534/DOIP software.

super icom pro n3+

How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+ ?
1.Plug the power supply into N3+ or connect with the vehicle via the OBD cable, and connect the USB cable of N3+

super icom pro n3+ connection
2.Open the computer, and connect it to the USB cable
3.Open computer configuration interface and find”Realtek USB FE Family Controller” network

super icom pro n3+
4.Click Properties–TCP/IPV4, and set the IP address and DNS server addresses as below

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+

super icom pro n3+
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:
After setting,click OK, and the wired network configuation is completed.

5.If you want to replace a new N3+ on the same computer, need to reset the IP address.After completing settings, it computer will be bound to N3+, and the network icon will disappear after you unplug the USB cable.After using the N3+ with wired and wireless internet access, you do not need to set the IP address again.

6.Then use the BMW special inspection software to test normally

7.When using wireless detection, you need to dial down the USB cable at the end of the computer, and then you will find that the SSID is N3+ ICOM***** Connect directly, and input the password 123456789,no equipment is required, you can directly use BMW special inspection software.

8.Use N3+ J2534 function to test a Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, LandRover, etc.
Open the special test software,install the J2534 driver,select the PassThru menu in the special test software,select ISO J2534 device from the list,plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+,long press the N3+ switch button for 3s,and the N3+ host wired and wireless indictor will flash to test normally
9.Use the DOIP function of N3+ to test the DOIP protocol of new Mercedes,Benz,Volkswagen, LandRover
First plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+,long press the N3+ switch button for 3s,the wired wireless indicator of the N3+ host will flash,then turn on the wireless of the computer,find N3+ ICOM*** wireless,connect directly, enter the password 123456789,start the special inspection software ,find the DOIP menu to test directly

10.N3+ is a BMW special inspection tool,100% running BWM special inspection procedures, the tested models and the test results are completely consistent with BMW special inspection.The functions of N3+ are auxiliary functions.In the range tested by J2534 and DOIP, the results are consistent with those of the special inspection, but they cannot include all functions and models of the special inspection, mainly for the dection of CAN,K and DOIP functions of new OBD models.It can replace J2534 detection line and ENET line.

for more product details,please visist following link



How to Fix Error 749 for MB Star SD Connect C4 ?

How to Fix Error 749 for MB Star SD Connect C4 ?

MB SD Connect C4 DoIP works with Xentry DAS diagnostic system for diagnostic, with Monaco, Vediamo engineering software for Benz car programming.

There have customers have issues for Error 749 in Administration which like bellowing display :


Why this error appear is that network problems, no connection to the SDconnect can be establish (749)No SDconnect is selected or the desired SDconnect cannot be selected

So you just need to connect to WLAN set up IP: , then can run the software well again

More interesting for mercedes diagnostic tools , welcome to check

WiTech MicroPod 2 Customer Questions & Answers

WiTech MicroPod 2 Customer Questions & Answers

Question:wiTech Micropod2 Clone Failed to Register Mopar, is there any solution ?
Chrysler tech authority for subscriptions use to work fine with clone micro-pod2 for programming with witech1 17.04 . Now Chrysler has changed from the normal site to now that wants any obd tool registered and warning wiTECH 2.0 requires Mopar’s 2017 secure microPod II (WSP-31560 or above). The device you attempted to register to your account does not meet this criteria.
Ever since witech/tech authority moved to MoparTSP, micropod clones don’t work for ECU programming. This is down to all clones sharing the same serial number meaning you cannot get around the device registration. The process to register and configure the software is difficult if you are not in USA.
There is a limited range of approved devices, any other legit J2534 devices might work, might not.
With cda6 offline its one option to do ecu programming.

How to work online micropod2 through witech 17.04.27?
-First you need to get a TechAuthority subscription, directly from TechAuthority or from AEtools (You can order a 3-day subscription).
-Then open the Witech program and when the Micropod 2 is detected click the “Next” button at the right bottom in the screen.
-In the next screen you have to enter your license credentials but the first option is only for dealers: username, password and dealer code.
-To use the TechAuthority account you need to click in the tab “change server” and select “Techauthority”, then you only need your username and passsword, not dealer code needed because TechAuthority access is intended for aftermarket or independent workshops.
With TechAuthority access we can use all functions in Witech 17.04.27 for diagnostics, calibrations and programming. We can Update or reprogram the PCM, TCM, TIPM… also we can program a new key or make “Restore vehicle options”, “Reset Ecu” and many other calibrations like “Learn ETC”, “proxy alignment”…, also we can install a new module and make a full flash or configuration. All of this is only possible for vehicles until 2017, for vehicles from 2018+ we need to use Witech 2.0.

Does wiTech 2.0 still have a DRB III emulator?
The DRB 3 Emulator is no longer included with the wiTECH software, it was removed a few years ago.
You can download DRB3 from third-party resources and test with micropod2 clones. Security is unknown.
or go for wiTech VCI Pod which has DRBIII emulator included in default.

will be possible to work online?
Yes, tested by many. Online subscription to TechAuthority works with both USB and WIFI MicroPod 2.
No difference if the Micropod 2 is clone or genuine, both of them work perfectly for diagnostics and programming, online or offline, with TechAuthority account.

Does wiTech Micropod2 Clone Work on Chrysler 2020 2021?
2018 + FCA cars have new ecu SGW which need to be unlocked online WITECH 2.0 for diagnostic session or need to bypass SGW. wiTECH 1.0 will not be able to dial with 2018+ FCA models. wiTECH 2.0 is mandatory.
There are 2 Micrpod II clone interfaces available:
One is without WiFi. This one with wiTech 1.0 supports Chrysler till 2017/some 2018. No possible to work on Chrysler 2018 or newer
If you have clone with serial number change 000000 will not work because the serial number is lower then recommendation per witech2 must have new Micropod2 number starting 31xxxx must higher able can using witech 2 diag application.
You can use witech1 17.04.027 but you need pay some set up this version pass FCA check up when you launch witech1 application ..BUT you can’t log in dealer connect if you have log in techauthority ID not dealer connect tech ID & dealer codes.

Will witech diagnose Chrysler till 2018?

Can I install witech v17 on Windows XP laptop?
Answer: No. Recommend install witech on Windows 7.

Possible to connect WiFi with micropod ii?
Answer: Sorry, Miropod II does not support WiFi connection.

Does witech dianose Fiat Alfa as well?
Answer: You can try to diagnose Fiat and Alfa if you have online account. If don’t, it does not.

Will witech do dodge challenger 2016 diagnosis?
Answer: Yes, it will.

Does witech support Jeep Rengade?
Answer: Yes.

Solution for ASRA Menu Grey Button in WIS software !!

Mercedes-Benz version updated to March 2023

Mercedes-Benz software March 2023 special function version (win10 X64 version)

Xentry DAS March 2023, long registration code, supports the detection of buses and trucks, supports the HHT software diagnosis of the old car 140 and other models,
Maintenance Information WIS July 2021 Standalone Version
Accessory query EPC November 2018, open data card, you can query the price of accessories in USD and EUR
StarFinder version 2016 and version 2020 and version 2022
PL76 accessories price inquiry January 2022
SDmedia Offline January 2014
Engineer version Vediamo upgraded to 5.01.01
DisassembyAssistant disassembly assistant software
Selit Service Literature Version 1.4
Engineer Version DTS Version 8.16.15 and 8.14, the latest version 2019 data and 2021 data
Fix the bug that Mercedes-Benz DAS cannot directly call WIS
Fix SMART 450, 451, 452, 454 no longer need TAN Caculator, all implemented offline

But when click”ASRA'” button in WIS , it shows grey as following

benz wis software

How to solve this problem ? The solution is easy.

Just need go to “Settings” and change the language to “English” or other”Language” not “US English”

Then issue solved

benz wis software


Solution for Unknow Toolkit COM Server error.(801) of SD C4

Solution for Unknow Toolkit COM Server error.(801) of SD C4

One of my customer who own MB SD C4 and yesterday he got a problem , it shows error as following

mb sd c4 softwar error

But how to solve this issue ?

Here we share solution

Solution: Replace the bin file of C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\SDconnect Toolkit,

Bin file download link:
Then open “TkAdministration” to upgrade the firmware

solution for sd c4 error

solution for mb sd c4

And then the machine will be in good work


How to Reset Vident ismart800 Pro Diagnostic Tool

Steps on reset settings for Vident iSmart800 Pro Diagnostic Tool

iSmart800 Pro auto diagnostic scanner is Vident newly launched automotive diagnoistic scanner for 12V passenger vehicles. With user-friendly Android interface and easy navigation, solid-state 72GB hard drive, Cortex-A17 1.3GHz processor, easy communication with cars, 7” 1024×600 HD IPS LCD touch screen, iSmart800 Pro supports all systems ECU diagnosis for 100+ car makes, as well as with 40+ common used service functions.Tablet No Power can check car

Usually, some of our customers delete software or other app in accidently, so they want to reset the machine and use it again.

Here we share steps on this operation

1. Select Settins Firstly on the main screen

vident ismart800 pro

2.Enter settings and find “Reset Settings”

vident ismart800 pro

3.It will appear a message” Press【Reset】button to reset all the settings and then click” Ok” to continue

vident ismart800 pro

4.Back to main screen and click “iSmart”

vident ismart800 pro

5.Click” Update” to finish the process

vident ismart800 pro

VOCOM II Mini Dongle WIFI Setting and Firmware Update Guide

VOCOMII dongle, produced by ACTIA in Germany, covers all the functions of the VOCOM2 VOCOMII 88890400, which doesn’t need any cables accessories because it can be connected to the laptop via WIFI perfectly. It is a portable vehicle communication device for its size and weight.

Here we share the steps for wifi setting and firmware update guide

First of all, WIFI Settings

1.Power on the vocom2 dongle and the lights will be flashing. Find the WIFI signal Vocom2D_******* from the laptop. Click connect.
VOCOM2 Dongle WIFI Setting 1VOCOM2 Dongle WIFI Setting 2
2.Input “v2d+ SN num”, SN number is 7 digits which you can find it from the back of the VOCOM2 dongle. Then click OK. And done.

VOCOM2 Dongle WIFI Setting 3VOCOM2 Dongle WIFI Setting 4

Second, Firmware update guide:
Pls be sure that the vocom2 dongle be power up by 24V ECU or truck. Low voltage will be affect the firmware update.
1.After the WIFI setting well, go to All Programs and then VOCOMII.
firmware update 1
Click the VOCOMII Configurator.
firmware update 2
You will see the windows as below. And Click the place as the pictures bellowed.
firmware update 3
Then choose “ Advanced” Update Device Firmware
firmware update 4
You will see the windows as below. And Click the place as the pictures bellowed. And wait until it is finished.
firmware update 5

firmware update 6

firmware update 7

firmware update 8

firmware update 9

firmware update 10

It will run the TECH TOOL automatically when firmware update finished.
firmware update 11

firmware update 12

It is done now.

firmware update 13

Scania vci3 2.48.2 Installation Tutorial

When we got the scanner “Scania VCI3”,how to install the software is a problem for some of  our customers.

Here we share some steps on installing. the scania vci 32.48.2 foler

scania vci3 installation step 1

2.Install in the order of the pictures below, the order cannot be wrong! (The installation software is all run as an administrator)

scania vci3 installation step 2

Note: After the installation of the fourth software (Prerequisites.cmd) is complete, the computer needs to be restarted once! ! ! If the computer does not restart, continue to install the software, the software will not be available! ! !

3.After opening the scania vci3 2.48.2 folder, enter the Fix folder directory, and select the following files according to the system of the computer. If the computer is a 32-bit system, choose X32, and if the computer system is a 64-bit system, choose X64. (Choose the wrong computer system installation will cause the installation to fail!!!)

scania vci3 installation step 3

4.After opening the folder, select the first file to run (run as administrator!!!)

scania vci3 installation step 4

5.Return to the Fix folder, run the Hardware ID Reader file (run as an administrator!!!), after opening it will prompt a string of digital codes, if your numbers are the same as the picture demo, the installation will fail. The software needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled! ! ! The correct numeric code should look something like this :78113F059337D68A39C9F422271CF8AB42FA
Give the correct digital code to the engineer for activation, the engineer will send you an activation file like this


Just put the activation file on the desktop and run it. (It should be noted that when running the Hardware ID Reader software to generate an ID, the Hardware ID Reader software cannot be closed, because closing the Hardware ID Reader software will invalidate the ID file registered by the engineer. So minimize the Hardware ID Reader software and let it run in the background just fine)

scania vci3 installation step 5-1

6.Enter the fix folder of Fix and select all the files in the fix

scania vci3 installation step 6

Copy all the files in the selected fix to the location of the desktop SDP3 files. (Prompt whether to replace the current file, select yes to all)
Right-click to open the SDP3 software on the desktop, select Properties, and then select the location of the open file

scania vci3 installation step 6-1

7.Then go back to the Fix file and run the Scania SDP3 Time file (run as administrator!!!)
After the software prompts success, do not close the Scania SDP3 Time software. (Be sure to restart the computer immediately!!! Otherwise the installation will fail)

scania vci3 installation step 7

8.After restarting the computer, open the SDP3 software, there is a menu bar on the left, indicating that the software has been installed successfully.

scania vci3 installation step 8


How to Install Vxdiag VCX SE 6154 ?

Steps on Installing Vxdiag VCX SE 6154

VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 is an OEM diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and Audi. It can be compatible with OEM software of ODIS.

But how to install it ?What’s the steps ?

vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-1-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-1-2 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-1-3 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-2 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-3 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-4 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-4-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-5 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-5-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-5-2 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-5-3 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-6 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-6-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-7 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-7-1 vxdiag-vcx-se-nano-6154-installation-step-8

For more product information,please click here

For more information about the installation steps,please check Youtube Video

How to Solve HTT-WIN Problem on Mercedes Benz Software ?

How to Solve HTT-WIN Problem on Mercedes Benz Software ?

Mercedes-Benz detects that there is a problem with the connection

Here is the error picture

htt win problem

But how to solve this ? We will provide solutions

Step1;In the system file, find Hyper-V manger in windows administrative tools ,then click it.
benz software htt win

Step 2;Click the  Virtual Switch Manger

benz htt win problem

Step3;click the Ether

benz software htt win

Step4;Select your computer network card in here

htt win problem

Step5;Right click on the network,Open network&internet settings

htt win problem

Step6;After entering this interface, select Ethernet, Then select the place marked by the arrow
Step7;Double click here


Step8;Right click vEtherent  Then  select the place marked by the arrow


Step9;Please select the  place marked by the arrow,Enter the following IP address.

htt win problem