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How to Fix Error 749 for MB Star SD Connect C4 ?

How to Fix Error 749 for MB Star SD Connect C4 ?

MB SD Connect C4 DoIP works with Xentry DAS diagnostic system for diagnostic, with Monaco, Vediamo engineering software for Benz car programming.

There have customers have issues for Error 749 in Administration which like bellowing display :


Why this error appear is that network problems, no connection to the SDconnect can be establish (749)No SDconnect is selected or the desired SDconnect cannot be selected

So you just need to connect to WLAN set up IP: , then can run the software well again

More interesting for mercedes diagnostic tools , welcome to check www.carobd.de

How to do MB SD C4 SelfTest ??

How to do MB SD C4 Selftest ?

Usually we need to make a selftest for MB SD C4 to check if the interface is normal or not ?

But how to do it ? Here is the steps

MB SD C4 Selftest

MB SD C4 Selftest

MB SD C4 Selftest

Once finishing the test, need to send the report to us to analyze

For more informations,please visit following link


(Solved) SDConnect C4 WIFI has no connection in 05.2016 Xentry


When I run my SDConnect C4 with cable in Xentry 05.2016 everything works well. I made configuration the WIFI of PC with the normal procedure with 26xa ec. but when i tried to connect my Wifi of pc with the C4 I got error that there is no connection. i tried different times but nothing happened. The sdconnect is on standby but my PC doesn’t see the Road24h. After a little bit of time in my network connection i can see the Road24h but when I try to connect it gives me error and than the Road24h is not anymore in my network connections.

Finally, I solved by following this step-by-step instruction:

Try this

It worked for me

To save an ad-hoc network and its network key on the guest computer (running Windows 7)

Note down the SSID, security type, encryption type and the key of the ad-hoc network.

Disconnect your connection to any wireless network and switch off/disable your wireless device. Turn on/enable your wireless device but don’t connect to any network. (Thanks GK.)

Click on the network icon in the taskbar.

Click Open Network and Sharing Center > Manage Wireless Networks > Add.

Click “Manually create a network profile”. (This may look silly but we really are going to create an infrastructure network now.)

Enter the network name (SSID), security type, encryption type (if any) and the key that you noted in step 1.

Uncheck both checkboxes (“Start this connection automatically” and “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting”.) [Note that you cannot have the connection start automatically. If you try to have it checked, step 10 will fail. A different way to start it automatically during system boot is described below.]

Click Next > Close. Your connection must appear in the list with the icon suggesting infrastructure (two big screens connected to a tube). Don’t worry about it.

Click Start, type in “cmd” in the search box, press Enter.

In the Command Prompt, type in “netsh wlan set profileparameter name=NetworkName ConnectionType=IBSS”, exactly as shown, without quotes, except you must substitute NetworkName with the SSID (network name) of your ad-hoc network.

If everything went well, you’ll see that the icon has now changed to an ad-hoc icon (three small screens connected to each other) in the Manage Wireless Networks window.

Turn on/enable your wireless device, and try connecting to the Ad-hoc network. You will notice that you no longer need to enter the network key.

To automatically connect to a saved ad-hoc network during Windows boot (can be applied to both guest and host computers running Windows 7)

Click Start > point to All Programs > right-click Startup > click Open. (You may choose Open All Users instead if you prefer).

Right-click an empty space and click New > Shortcut.

Type in “netsh wlan connect NetworkName”. Once again, NetworkName must be substituted with the SSID of your ad-hoc network.

Click Next and enter a fancy name such as “Connect to NetworkName” or something like that.

Click Finish and you’re done. This shortcut will run when Windows starts up, giving you a very brief flash of the black command window, followed by your computer connecting to the ad-hoc network if it is available. Tip: You can also pin the shortcut in your taskbar or copy it to the desktop to easily connect to the network any time you want.

Note: You will probably need Administrator access to complete some of the steps above (in both procedures).

The newest software for MB SD C4

New 256GB SSD 2016.7 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software DELL D630 Format
256GB Complete New SSD, High quality!
Latest software version: V2016.7
Support Windows 7/8 system.

New 256GB SSD 2016.7 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software DELL D630 Format

Top reasons to choose SSD(Update to 2016.07 version WIN7 32bit OS):


V2016.7 SD C4 software works with MB SD Connect Compact C4, support latest Mercedes Benz car and truck models. The new generation Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles.

Please Note: WIN7 do not support HHT-WIN! Software newer version than V2015.12 do not support HHT-WIN!

Software languages: English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish, Chinese

V2016.7 MB SD C4 Software FUNCTIONS

1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2.All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3.reading trouble code
4.erasing trouble code
7.component testing
9.information consultation
10.component location diagram
11.wiring diagram


How to find the Lan-ID for MB SD C4?

V2016.05 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis

MB SD Connect Compact 4 support reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming.
Also support wireless diagnose, support K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, with multi-language.

All of us know that when you receive the C4 device,it need provide the information to activate,so you need provide the ID to the sales,so they can activate for you.

the ID of information is below”

Hardware ID:




and the version of the software.

But so many customers send the Lan-ID is wrong,now i will show you the right way to find the Lan-ID:

Step one:


Step two:


Then you will find the right one Lan-ID.

If you don’t want activate by yourself,you can check this one,that we have already install the software for you,and you can used it immediately after receive the device.


MaxiSys MS908P do Mercedes Benz SCN Coding Successfully

Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P Diagnostic can do online programming and compatible with a part of the original diagnostic software, print out recorded data anytime and anywhere with Wi-Fi technology. Recently Maxisys MS908P has been tested working on Mercedes Benz SCN Coding using together with with Autel MF2534 J2534 ECU MaxiFlash Pro.


Here’s the step by step guide to do Benz SCN Coding with ms908p with J2534 ECU programmer .

1. Correctly connect Autel MS908P to J2534 ecu programming device and Mercedes

start MS908P

select Diagnosis

select Europe->Benz

2. Diagnostic program initializing…

select Automatic selection

turn ignition on

reading VIN…

acquire VIN info

select date of manufacturer: as of 12/2015

please select the steering

here, press button Right to select right-hand steering

confirm vehicle info

select Programming

system data loading…

diagnostic system initializing…

select ME-SFI-Gasoline engine control

diagnostic system initializing…

3. Select Control Module programming, but no newer control module software was found out

Establishing vehicle communication…

Check network connection if it’s good

then go to SCN coding

Bluetooth is forced to stop

enter VIN as a 17-digit code

Two steps to perform SCN coding:

– step 1 Get SCN data from Server

– step 2 Perform SCN coding

4. Establishing vehicle communication

Checking network connection

Perform SCN coding completed.

Mercedes SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully with MS908P!

If you want a cheap professional Mercedes benz diagnostic programming tool to do mb star scn coding, you can choose MB SD C4 with newest hardware and software.

Then How to process this online coding service?

1. Place an order on our website for this online scn coding service.
2. Contact our online customer service or add our skype/msn/yahoo for us to process this online coding.
3. Prepare MB SD Star C4, car, laptop and teamviewer.
4. Choose the car model and programming system (eg, headlight XALWA-L)
5. Choose CONTROL unit adaptations
6. Choose offline program (CONTROL MODULE PROGRAMMING) then (SCN coding)
7. Give us teamviewer id and password.
8. Login server (DALMLER)
9. Login server and finish SCN coding automotively

How to solve the problems of MB SD C4 need reactivate (Solved)

Those days,same of my customers told me that after activate the MB SD C4 ,the next time,it need activate again.


Here is the method to solved this problems,that is you only need to copy the file of  lic_key_2.dat  and rename it to lic_key_2.x4711 .

Look like this:


Then set up to properties of the file with Read-only.


Then,reactivate it again,that the problem gone.

MB Star DAS SDS (STAR Diagnostic System) Tips and Tricks

Whats being used is MB STAR SDS ( STAR Diagnostic System ) C4

All i can say is this thing is AWESOME. imho a must buy for any modern mb owner.
so far I’ve changed the alarm chirp to netherlands, activated flashing brake
lights under heavy braking, and lowered the temp the fan comes on 10 degrees.



Following parts are what I did with SDS ( STAR Diagnostic System ):

Flash rear brake lights under panic braking:

Control units> Body> rear SAM> Control Unit Adaptations> Flashing Brake> Active

Chirp on lock/unlock

Control Units for multiple items>Body> Control Unit Adaptations> Security/Alarm> National ATA> Select Netherlands

Fan-on temp lower

Control Units> Drive> Engine> Control Unit Adaptations> Correction Programming> Suction Fan> Temp increase to max of 10 degrees C.

Lowering airmatic (ABC is more tricky from what I hear)

Control Units for Multiple items>Chassis>Suspension> Initial Start Up>Manual settings> use +/- to get the car to the height you want (keeping the voltage numbers in the specified range).

Hit F2 to get to the romess screen. Enter romess angles either from the tool or within the specified values on the previous page. If all ok, this should result in the car set at the right level.

Still working on tank level.

Changing the vmax requires developer mode. I have a tune so I don’t need to do this.

Heres one that MAY have a positive performance impact, or may not.

Control Units > Drive > Motor Electronics > F3 ( to clear the nag warning ) > Control unit adaptations > Correction Programming > Ignition

You get 4 choice of minimum octane rating ( probably get more if you can get Variant Coding to change from USA to Rest Of World or Euro )

Baseline ( 87?)




I suspect setting a higher octane rating will allow a bit more initial ignition advance.

Details on SDS ( STAR Diagnostic System ) cables and software:

Consists of a set of 5 cables, the 2 most used are the standard OBD II or the 38 pin “Mushroom head”. These plug into car and lead to a multiplexor box. There are 3-4 types of these with the 2 most prevalent being the C3 (RS232 connection to laptop serial port ) or the C4 ( Ethernet or wireless connection to laptop). Just now seeing what I suppose could be called a C5, a multiplexor with the diagnostic software embedded in it rather than a separate laptop. That would feed about any device you care to name. Details are sketchy at this time.

The software is MB proprietary and comes in 2 flavors, DAS ( forget the acronym meaning ) or Xentry Diagnostics ( can be thought of as DAS v 2.0). The choice between either of those is year and model dependent. Generally 2010’ish or newer models will use Xentry Diagnostics while DAS is about 1998’ish to 2010’ish. Again, exact years will vary by class.

The actual “programming” is altering factory set values or conditions specific to that chassis, market designation, installed options or country of delivery. The values that can be changed are generally offered on pull down menus from within DAS/Xentry. And even this has become much harder to do in the last few years as MB has gone to a central authorization system for altering operating parameters that requires a connection/password and use of a factory authorized SDS.

This is from Carobd.de website MB Star Diagnosis technical support:MB Star DAS SDS (STAR Diagnostic System) Tips and Tricks

SSD or HDD, which better for Xentry DAS with SD connect C4 ?

Here is the differences between SSD and HDD for SDconnect c4 with Dell D630.



SD C4 software with SSD for 118 euro, HDD for 99.99 euro


            SSD VS Common HDD in terms of running speed
(test on our DELL D630 PC)
        4G SSD       4G HDD       1G SSD     1G HDD
boot time about 1min

30 Secs

about 4 min about 3 Min

15 Secs

about 5 Min
shutdown time about 20 Secs about 50 Secs about 22 Secs about 2 min
time to use Xentry

test one vehicle


about 2 min

25 Secs

about 3Min

27 Secs

about 4 Min

28 Secs

abou 5 Min


This is where SSDs shine. An SSD-equipped PC will boot in seconds, certainly under a minute. A hard drive requires time to speed up to

operating specs, and will continue to be slower than an SSD during normal use.

A PC or Mac with an SSD boots faster, launches apps faster, and has faster overall performance.

Witness the higher PCMark benchmark scores on laptops and desktops with SSDs,

plus the much higher scores and transfer times for external SSDs versus HDDs.

Whether it’s for fun, school, or business, the extra speed may be the difference

between finishing on time or failing.



Because of their rotary recording surfaces, HDD surfaces work best with larger files

that are laid down in contiguous blocks. That way, the drive head can start

and end its read in one continuous motion. When hard drives start to fill up,

large files can become scattered around the disk platter,

which is otherwise known as fragmentation.

While read/write algorithms have improved to the point that the effect is minimized,

the fact of the matter is that HDDs can become fragmented,

while SSDs don’t care where the data is stored on its chips,

since there’s no physical read head. Thus, SSDs are inherently faster.



Hard drives are simply more plentiful. Look at the product lists from Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate, Samsung, and Hitachi, and you’ll see many more HDD models than SSDs. For PCs and Macs, internal HDDs won’t be going away completely, at least for the next couple of years. You’ll also see many more HDD choices than SSDs from different manufacturers for the same capacities. SSD model lines are growing in number, but HDDs are still in the majority for storage devices in PCs.



Even the quietest HDD will emit a bit of noise when it is in use from the drive spinning

or the read arm moving back and forth, particularly if it’s in a system

that’s been banged about or in an all  metal system where it’s been shoddily installed.

Faster hard drives will make more noise than slower ones.

SSDs make virtually no noise at all, since they’re non-mechanical.


MB SD C4 update to V2016.03

Dear All Customers:

Carobd.de MB SD C4 update to V2016.03,it is the newest software on market,and very stable and usefully!!


How to activate the MB SD C4? Please click here.

MB SD Connect Compact 4 support reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. Also support wireless diagnose, support K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, with multi-language.


MB Star C4 SD Connect Diagnostic Tool Highlights:
1. Multi-languages: English/Bulgarian/Danish/Greek/Spanish/French/Italian/Korean/Polish/Romanuan/Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/Czech/German/Finish/
2. Newest Version:  2016.03      Hardware version: OS:2.3   CSD:2.8
3. Update via hard disk, you are offered to buy newest software HDD alone when newer software come out
4. Support both WiFi AND Lan cable connection. more easy to use!No need COM port computer.
5. Supports reading out & erasing trouble code, coding and programming for Mercedes Benz car and truck from 1996-2015.
6. Support both offline and online programming, but you need pay for the SCN Coding service
7. One year warranty, we also offer install service if you buy dell 630 computer from us.
8. There are two software model to choose: Dell D630 HDD, External HDD

Kindly Note

External HDD can not support WIFI function

After activating Xentry, if you can not save the code,pls try to use the following solution.

1. Change the time of your laptop to current time
2. Delete the file lic-key2.dat in Disk C【Patch C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LicDir】, and pass us the ID to activate again for you.
3. Make sure you pass us the correct HW-ID and APP ID
The Main Unit board display: