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How to use foxFlash Manager and foxFlash software

How to use foxFlash Manager and foxFlash software
1.Go to download foxFlash Manager app


2. install this software on your laptop


3. register this app with your email


4. input your code which tie on your device , don’t spead yours sn to internet , or others guy will try to stolen your tools password


5. connect your foxflash tool to laptop via usb cable then clicke the download button which in foxFlash app inside


After download finish ,pls open the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\FoxFlash Manager\foxflash\DFB Technology\DFBTech_DRIVER
Install the drivers


6. disconnect your foxflash tool , then plugin the usb again
7. click the foxflash manager app active button till actived , then run the foxFlash app in your desktop , then input the password at the windows ,click login .


8. Close your software : click the close button on foxFlash Manager app , then click the foxflash exit button , you totally close ours tool and software .


9. notiy , always run foxflash manager app each time when you need use ours tool
Run it then click the active button , it will keep let the tool access ours server .
Download just need do at the frist time you don’t have the software .

Solution for Fetrotech Tool Windows Installer Package Problem !!!

Solution for Fetrotech Tool Windows Installer Package Problem !!!


I failed to install Fetrotech Tool software msi on Win10.


‘There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run’

fetrotech tool problem


If getting an Error please just reply with PC details i.e. WIN10, administrator, anti-virus and real time off, Dot net framework 4.8 installed etc

Better don’t install software on Win10 Home edition, Win10 professional 64bit is recommended.

If still gives this error, try the solution below:

1. Open computer Task Manager -> File -> Run A New Task


fetrotech tool solution

2. Click “Browse” option to enter, find the “FetrotecToolSetup.msi” installation package, and then open.

fetrotech tool solution

fetrotech tool solution


3. Click “OK” to start the installation of Fetrotech tool software.

fetrotech tool solutioni

fetrotech tool solution

The problem can be fixed.