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How to Program 2018 BMW 530LI xDrive G38 EPS by Launch X431 PAD VII


How to use Launch X-431 PAD VII to program BMW ECU? This is programming the 2018 BMW 530LI xDrive G38 EPS as instructed.

Local diagnose >> BMW >> OK >> Automatically Search >> 5 Series >> 5’_G38 >> Coding/Program >> Program >> Read tips, OK >> Automatic Programming
Confirming the transport mode…
(Some MILs have been lighted which is a normal phenomenon)

Operation Tips
Local programming backup information detected:
1. Quickly press the last configuration to access.
2. If the hardware changes, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
3. If the vehicle command changes, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
4. If the programming indicated the hardware is mismatched, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
5. For any uncertainty, press “No” to calculate the new configuration information.
Whether to quickly load the last configuration information? Press “No”.





Succeeded to get the other vehicle information…
Next >> EPS(Electronic Power Steering) >> OK >> Program >> Select files(asterisk means it must be selected) >> Next

Please confirm the vehicle conditions:
1. The vehicle is connected to an external power supply or the vehicle power supply can support the steady discharge for at least 1 hour.
2. The vehicle voltage can be stable for at least 13V.
3. Ignition on(engine not start).
4. Switch off all electricity-consuming equipment, eg. air conditioner.
Press “Yes”.




Downloading files…
Continue or not? Yes
X-431 PAD 7 will start programming automatically…
ECU restart…
Clear fault code…
Programming completed.
*DO NOT disconnect immediately, as it needs to complete the coding.

Recoding has been completed.




Quick Tutorial on VW MQB Add Key & All Key Lost

Quick Tutorial on VW MQB Add Key & All Key Lost

VW MQB add key & all key lost functions have been officially released to help you reduce the cost of key programming significantly.

1. To activate the feature, you need to own KET TOOL PLUS or VVDI2+VVDI PROG.

2. All key lost requires third-party cooperation to obtain certain data, and may incur extra charges.

3. Support read immo data for MQB48 type (with NEC35xx chip) which can’t read by OBD or all key lost. Support add key and all key lost (need synchronize data).

Before read the chip data on the PCB board, we need to lift pin or cut PCB wire first.

⭐Lifting PIN from CPU
1. Find the lift PIN(FVDD) position according to diagram.
2. Prepare a hot-air gun, set temperature to 355℃/671℉, adjust to the lowest speed, focus on the PIN(FVDD) when start operating.
3. After heating the PIN(FVDD), insert the operating knife under the PIN and lift it slightly up. DON’T lift up too much, just make sure the PIN disconnect with PCB.
4. Wait until the PIN cooling down, solder a thin wire or an enameled wire onto the lift PIN, use gummed paper to fix this wire on the back of CPU in case of any movement.
5. After Read/Write MCU operation, remove the soldering wire from the lift PIN(FVDD). Use the hot-air gun heating the PIN again, then solder the lift PIN back to PCB(original position).
⭐Cutting off wire of PCB
1.Find the cutting off the wire position, according to the remarked position and shape for cutting wire as the diagram shown.
2.Follow the instruction and operate slightly while cutting off the wire. Don’t use too much force, otherwise the PCB board will be damaged.
3.After cut wire successful, check the FVDD point whether disconnect with other reference points as the diagram shown.
4.After Read/Write MCU operation, need to recover the cutting wire position back as before.

How to Add Key with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ?

How to Add Key with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ?


K518ISE key programmer is the latest version of Lonsdor, with wider vehicle coverage in key programming, it is customized as the first masterpiece to the overseas market from Lonsdor.

Today , we’d like to introduce how to add key with this key programmer
Select “Add smart key”
Make sure the network connection
Turn on the ignition by the key emulator we generated before
Turn off the ignition and turn on the emergency light
Select “Load PEPS Dflash file to acquire 12-bit PIN”, and load the immo data file


Key information


Follow the instructions (This step is important!)




Turn on the ignition
Follow the instruction to complete the process


4. Delete Key
Select “Delete smart key”
Check some notes


Turn on the ignition
Turn off the ignition and turn on the emergency light
Load the immo data file as before
Put the keys to be saved as the instruction


Two keys left



Programm Volvo V40 2018 AKL by Autel IM608 PRO

Autel IM508/ IM608PRO is good at Programming Volvo before year 2018 AKL.

This article is a review of Autel IM608 PRO on Volvo:
2018 VOLVO V40 all key lost by OBD
Autel IM608 no problem
Take a look at the process.
Go to
IMMO>>Volvo>>Automatic selection
Vehicle info.


Semi-smart key>>Immo status scan


Select “All Key Lost”.
Turn off Bluetooth, connect VCI.


Key info.


Clear all keys.




Insert new key into slot to learn it.


Turn off ignition, remove newly-added key.




Car starts and remote works.


Done! 2018 Volvo V40 AKL Programming by OBD using IM608 PRO Tablet No Problem

How to Activate and Update Autel MaxiIM KM100E ?

How to Activate and Update Autel MaxiIM KM100E ?

Autel MaxiIM KM100E is an advanced key and immobilizer touchscreen tablet capable of smart key creation and IMMO learning via OBD. This 5.5-inch, Android touchscreen tablet with Bluetooth VCI can program the Autel IKEY as a smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles and offers IMMO programming capability for multiple vehicle brands including for BMW, for Volkswagen, for Toyota, for Honda, and for General Motors. Additional innovative features include key renewal and Transponder Editing of 20 supported protocols.

But there have some customers dont know how to activate and update this KM100 , so lets check the steps as bellowing :
Step1 : Turn on Autel KM100,
Accept disclaimer, and click “Do not remind me again”.


Step 2 : Go to Settings>>System Settings>>WLAN
Connect Autel KM100 to Wi-Fi.
Step 3 : Back to “Settings”, and select “VCI manager”.
Connect VCI to device by USB cable.


Step 4 : Switch to “Firmware upgrade” and update firmware if there is one available.


Step 5: Back to Homepage, select “Update”.
Download “System Program”.


After it’s done, device will reboot automatically.
Step 6 : Back to “Update” again, download “KeytoolDiag”.


Step 7 : Then download all immo programs required.


Now we can use this Autel KM100.

Check new updates often in “Update” menu.
When there is one available, you can update the software by prompts