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Kess V2 has update! Unlimited Token

V2.28 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Latest firmware version V4.036 supports powerful functions, much more ecu list than old version. V2.28 KESS V2 is unlimited token version.
While it is definitely not available to connect to internet.


Here is the newest version download link:

Kess V2 V2.28 software download.

How to install the newest version?

Please click here.

Kess V2 is update to V2.28 at present

Lots of customer asked me that they have seen the newest version of KESS V2,and want to it.

Yes,it is update on this mouth,the newest version is V2.28 at present.

But our engineer said the old version of V2.25 is better and stable,we have test few of cars,so you can choose the version by your use hobby,V2.28 can support new cars,V2.25 is stable.

Highlights of Kess V2 V2.28

1. Multi-languages available: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French,English
2. Software Version: V2.28 Hardware Version: V4.036
3. Without tokens limitation, new KESS V2 add one renew button on the main unit. This button is used to charge tokens. Once your tokens run over, just click this button, then tokens will go back to 30 tokens. You can go on to use it again. No need change new tokens chip, no need desolder and program the tokens chip. More easily than ever.
4. Support ECU chip tuning for cars via OBD2 port

Tips on using Kess V2

1. Please do not update this tool online. Please Do remember disconnect internet when you use this tool. Do not connect the internet. It will damage the tool.
2. This one can not works on Truck.
3. Turn off your anti-virus software when start the software. It is not virus, it is just crack software will be recognize as virus.


VXDIAG Serial Promotion by the manufacturer

In order celebrate Black Friday,VXDIAG factory give a big promotion.

For Example:

WIFI Version VXDIAG VCX NANO VAS 5054 ODIS V3.03 OEM Diagnostic Tool  Only need 62.99 EUR now

VXDIAG VCX NANO Multiple GDS2 and TIS2WEB Diagnostic/Programming System for GM/Opel   109 EUR now

VXDIAG VCX NANO for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V10.30.029 Compatible with SAE J2534 Support Win7&XP   62.99 EUR

And so many Vxdiag products,you can find more on here.

VVDI 2 Commander Key Programmer Update V1.2.3

Newest VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer support more powerful functions and vehicles than vvdi, such as BMW, Porsche,and now it is update to the newest version of V1.2.3,more cars model has added,and software is more stable.



VVDI2 Special Function

1.Including all VVDI functions, improved and more stable
2.More vehicle coverage, multi Immo functions
3.New added plug-in function and reserved connectors to include all VVDI functions

VVDI 2 Superiority

VVDI technician has devoted themselves to VVDI free update online and update service in the pass five years. This is what VVDI has been widely respected and ranked as a power tool.

There is no doubt that the more power and high-end configuration VVD2 will inherit the fine traditions.

Apart from free update online service and system optimization, more powerful functions and vehicle models (Like Porsche) will soon be available via update. And other more functions, you name it…

VVDI2 goes beyond than VVDI in function, connectors and vehicle coverage etc. After all, VVDI belongs to locksmith tool while VVDI2 becomes a comprehensive locksmith device.

New Arrival Xtool X-100 C for Ford, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen Key Programmer

Today comes a new product about Ford,Mazda,Peugeot and Citroen key programmer,it is mix together Obdstar F100 and F108,so the function is more powerful then other tools.

The Xtool X-100 C is a perfect on-board key programmer tool and pin code reader,specialized for Ford, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen.

X100C Lookout:


① Power Indicator: It turns green when power is on.
② Bluetooth Indicator: It turns red when Bluetooth is not connected; it turns blue when Bluetooth is connected successfully.
③ Vehicle Indicator: When X100C is connected with vehicle successfully, it turns green.
④ DB15 connector: Connect the vehicle via test cable

Recommended APP: X-100 C (search and download it from Apple store and GooglePlay Store)

OS Device Mode
Apple iOS
(Requires iOS4.3 or later)
IPod touch iPod Touch 1st  generation,  2nd  generation, 3rd  generation, 4th generation
iPhone iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iphone 7, iphone 7
Pad iPad, iPad 2, ipad 3, iPad air, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2,
(Requires OS2.3 or later)
ll android smart phone and tablet

Screenshot of Application (Android)


Activation: Please activate X100C before you use it to program keys. Input the serial number and press “Activate”.


Immobilizer: Enter the software and choose your vehicle type, and then go on programming.


Settings: By selecting Setting, users can set the language, unit and other system related options:
Language: Select the language. Please tick the required option from the multi-language options on the right.


Bluetooth: Enter the Bluetooth setting and pair the phone Bluetooth with X100C -xxxxx Bluetooth

PDF: input and store user’s information to be printed in the PDF report.
About: Users can read the software version and serial number here.

Report: It provides data flow during vehicle key programming.
Replay: It replays the data flow during vehicle key programming.

Screenshot of Application (iOS)


PS: so far the language is not available to change.


If this picture shows up, it means you have to install language package first.

Activation: Please activate X100C before you use it to program keys. Input the serial number and press “Activate”.

Enter “Immobilizer” to choose brand firstly.


Choose the regional market.


Choose model.

Choose year.


Settings: Enter the “Settings” you can set unit and other system related options.

Bluetooth: You have to connect your Bluetooth before you start. Here are steps
Step 1: Open your iPhone’s setting ->Bluetooth ->choose the one same as your device


Step 2: Check your setting in the app to see if it is connected successfully.

xtool-c-ford-mazda-peugeot-citroen-key-programmer-pic-18 VPECKER Easydiag V8.5 Update fast and stable

Everyone may know that Vpecker Easydiag diagnostic tool update fast,it from V5.4 update to V8.5,every step is stable,and customer’s feedback is good.this tool sales well and mostly no after-sales problems.

It is support multilingual,including English,German,French,Italian,Spanish,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Hungarian,etc.

VPECKER Easydiag Wireless OBDII Full Version Diagnostic Tool Profile


The install of Vpecker Easydiag Wireless OBDII is very easy,you can follow the video and can do in few minute,you can have a try!


Difference among Carprog V9.31 V8.21 V7.28, which is the best?

Carprog V9.31 is hot selling recently, and you would find another two versions of Carprog V8.21 and V7.28. What’s the difference among these 3 versions? Is the newest V9.31 the best one?

3 questions to help users distinguish the difference among v9.31 v8.21 v7.28

Are there more functions for firmware V8.21 than that of Carprog V4.74 (software V7.28)?
(In fact, now the newest firmware for Carprog is V8.21, which means, the newest hardware is V8.21, there is no hardware V9.31 at all.)

Newest Firmware V8.21 CARPROG, with All 21 Adapters, contain much more authorization than V4.74 or other low version CARPROG.

Packed with both software V8.21 and V9.31, software V8.21 needs activation but you will automatically get token renew after it used up. Software V9.31 can be used without activation.

Why choose Carprog V8.21 and V9.31?
CarProg FULL V9.31 is a universal diagnostic, tuning and adjustment tool for:

*Car radios


*Immobilizer repair

*EEPROM and microcontroller programmer

*Transponder key programmer

*Airbag reset

*Dashboards, New Audi dash support, support newer airbags

*Including much more authorization

*It works by plugging Carprog into your car, other end into your computer, loading up the software — and you can begin making instant changes in a few mouse clicks — that dealers would charge up to $500-$2000 for the exact same job, this will save you a ton of money.


How to change mileage for Skoda using Carprog Full V8.21

This blog records how I use Carprog V8.21 clone online version to change mileage on Skoda Yeti 2012.

Tool I used: CARPROG FULL V8.21/ V9.31 Perfect Online Version

Vehicle Model: Skoda Yeti 2012

Dashboard: nec&24c64

First Connect carprog with adapter and connect to my skoda


Then open Carprog V8.21 software



Select change KM


It will connect CAN


Reading mileage, just wait


Carprog read the Old KM value: 58112km


Then Input new value you needed and choose change KM to miles

Done! Carprog v8.21 change km SUCCESS!


Chinese Carprog is also good at airbag reset, I will try it and write a test report for you.