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Toyota TIS Techstream V12.20.024 Download and setup on win7

Free download Toyota TIS techstream V12.20.024 software:!9NBllR4R!v1hY8XHTcT-RBJfQypQ5zIDLypBDJ12LHy6zDqdNOFA(Attached with register key)

■It works (do a fresh install and you will not have any problems)- Tested Working 100% OK by engineer.
■WIN7 32bit OK (Try WIN10 at your own risk one user feedback yes)
■Language: English (United States), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.
Toyota TIS techstream V12.20.024 workable interfaces:
Mini VCI single cable

Cheapest MINI VCI Diagnostic cable

Mangoose VCI for Toyota


MVCI 3 in 1 interface

OTC GTS (IT3) Toyota Diagnostic Tool

For any device possible to work together, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Toyota Techstream V12.20.024 installation and diagnose Toyota on win7:

video is being upload….

Important Note:

Register: Enter the new key with the help of “Key” text in E://



Attach couples of Techstream V12.20.024 software diagnosis pictures:

1.Initializing USB Communication

2.Connecting to vehicle.

3.Read VIN on Toyota Yaris.

4.Select control system.

5.Read out diagnostic code on Engine and ECT.

Toyota Techstream V12.20.024 Test report:

It could read ODBII codes. It came with TIS software and drivers. I installed it and it *works* exactly the same as my much more expensive mongoose. It has a full version of TIS, no license required. I reprogrammed a couple of options – works great.

This is $23 folks! Less than the cost of what some of you are paying to enter your TPMS codes for winter/summer tires at the dealership. Shipping took a couple of weeks.
That’s all.

Hope it helps.

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn in the dismantling method

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn is in the dismantling method instead of OBD method. Then you have to know the FEM/BDC system location, 95128 IC location, 95256 IC location and Key learning position, read the detail in the below parts.

1.BMW FEM/ BDC installation location.

2.95128 IC location

3.95256 IC location

4.Key learning position

That’s all.

Value bundle:

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 plus BWM FEM/BDC Authorization.

Compare XTOOL EZ400 PRO, Xtool EZ400 & Xtool PS90

XTOOL EZ400 PRO is different from Xtool EZ400 in the VCI box, XTOOL EZ400/EZ400 Pro is different from Xtool PS90/PS80 in the special functions.

1). XTOOL EZ400 PRO = Xtool EZ400 + VCI box

XTOOL EZ400 PRO is all-in-one machine, no need any more VCI box, so it is 2.64LB lighter than Xtool EZ400, lighter package means less shipping cost and easier to use.

Attach Xtool EZ400 VCI box


Attach XTOOL EZ400 PRO full package (without the above Xtool VCI box)


2). XTOOL EZ400 PRO / XTOOL EZ400 functions < Xtool PS90

Xtool PS90 (10inch tablet with wifi and all function):

Full system diagnosis on all makes……confirmed


Odometer Adjustment ……confirmed

Special functions (Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset, EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation, TPS Throttle Body Adaptation, EPS Electric Power Steering Calibration, Gear Learning, ABS Bleeding , ECU Reset, Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset and Battery Reset.) ……confirmed

XTOOL EZ400 PRO 7″ functions:

Full system diagnosis on all makes……confirmed

Special functions works: Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset, EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation, TPS Throttle Body Adaptation …confirmed

3). XTOOL EZ400 PRO / XTOOL EZ400 is much cheaper than Xtool PS90

Xtool PS90: 1500 dollars to 2900 dollars (google to confirm)

XTOOL EZ400: 554 dollars



■Original Xtool products and update on Xtool official site
■Full system diagnosis…… confirmed
■Both can perform these special functions: Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset, EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation
■One-year free update, one-click software update via WIFI
■After-sales technicalsupport (Remote access).


That’s all

Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download and setup

Starts with Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download, then reliable source of Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09, ends with Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 setup.

Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 free download!ZUZz3JBL!0NSwL9wyFV9ApFqRR0Jofw (28774.84MB)

PW: OpenShell9.2017


Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 software analysis:

Starkey like old version 7 2017 and 5 2017

More secure

Data is not visible

DAS Controlled from xentry

AddOnCenter doesn`t close to a tray, if it was once opened , to get create controlled for Message Queue (MSMQ) Server, that why show error on shutdown

Security analysis:

There new security not activated, may be will activated on next version

2221-XX Verify by server

3.91 Verify by vehicles

DAS License verify by Xentry

XDOS_09.2017_Missing_Pics_Fixed_x86_x64 free download:!gdIV1CzA!XGlvg0Ckh65uQcXkFMJfwqQ_5QV0grfAqYL-QIDyVQQ (46KB, No pass)

Enjoy at your own risk.

Tip: the 28774.84MB files is a little pain to download online.

Any reliable source to have Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09?

Yes! I prefer to this Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 (common HDD)

Or Mercedes Benz Xentry OpenShell XDOS 2017.09 (SSD Hard disk) which is more stable.

Enjoy it at easy, because it is verified working like a charm, so easy to gain the software instead of taking much time to download online, if any installation problem, the technical support is available.



Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 support tool


Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 installation:

1.You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
2.Available hard disk space: C:\:157.00GB.

Here I’d share the solution to the Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 installation problem: The InstallShield Wizard was interrupted before Xentry Diagnostics Openshell could be completely installed.


Possible reasons:

1- from virus

2- or Microsoft Message Queue Service is not enable

Please ensure you did like bellow tips:

1.You need absolute clean windows. choose win 7 32bit
2.Click to show you the log file and read that. It will be specified what has gone wrong with your install.
3.Be sure to run your install with administrator rights and have enough room on your HDD.

Finally, the problem is fixed.

It was the Microsoft Message Queue Service not enabled now is installing fine.

To sum up:

This post provide two source of Xentry OpenShell 2017.9 download, which one to go for? It’s up to you, personally, I’d prefer to the reliable source.

Good luck.

OBDSTAR X300 DP renew key PCF79XX adapter unlock Audi 5 Generation key

Post on how to use OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter to unlock Audi 5 Generation key by working together with OBDSTAR X300 DP(Orange)/ OBDSTAR key master DP(Green). Besides, OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter is designed for BMW, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, GM, Kia, Hyundai etc.

To unlock Audi 5 Generation key, please prepare the two tools:

OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter

OBDSTAR X300 DP or OBDSTAR key master DP


Plug OBDSTAR X300 DP with VCI box, renew key PCF79XX adapter etc shown as below picture, make sure the indicator lights flash.


FYI, OBDSTAR X300 DP (Orange)VS OBDSTAR key master DP(Green):

They are the same tool, they have same function, save vehicle coverage. They differ from each other in color, the orange one X300 DP is supplied on Eshop, so it does not need to waste money to order both two.


Tap X300 DP option “DP” then “Diag Program”.


Tap “Other Function” then “Unlock Key”.


Have option “Renew key V30.01”, click “OK”.


Tap “Audi”, then “5 Generation”



Have 3 options shown as below, go to check the chip board number and tap “Board 233.453.111-05/06



Tap “315MHZ 8T0959754C”



Please refer to the following figure for the correct connecting line.


Pop up “Connect the host to the PCF79XX adapter and supply the 12V power to the adapter.” Tap “OK” and writing data, please wait……


Data Brushing successful, click “OK”



How to solve Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 error 10103?

Topic: Solution to Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 error 10103.

Problem description:

“NO COMMUNICATION WITH CONTROL UNIT OR VEHICLE” No leds lights when connect to computer, there is only led for vehicle connection.

Attach error pictures:




Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 is supposed to install the driver on D630 computer with COM port not the computer with USB cable. The device has to be connected by COM cable to the computer with COM port.


Which Kess V2 PCB is better? (Review)

I need to choose among one of those Kess V2 PCB… Which one is better?

1.jpg mostly black items , also empty holes are filled up

2.jpg with yellow items, also the metallic 220 50v like original

3.jpg with yellow items, however the metallic one is 470 25v

see 1feedback.jpg for 1.jpg PCB


1.jpg: Kess v2 PCB

2.jpg: Kess v2 PCB best version

3.jpg: Kess v2 PCB


Experienced users choice for reference:

User 1 review: Get pic 2 only get it with kess v2 fw3.099then flash it with better firmware not cars ,bikes only version

User 2 review:yes agree get jpg 2 pcb but then check transistors because they will have at least 2 that need replacing (mostly marked pd)
these are wrong

but the kess V4.036 PCB in jpg 2 is best version you show

the serial in first pic is cars and bikes and the other serial you see is full cars bikes trucks etc

How to use FEM BDC Module Test Platform on BMW F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3?

FEM BDC Module Test Platform for BMW F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3 is newly available, and several questions will be asked: what it can do? any special features? how to use it? who need it?

1.what is it can do?
Working together with BMW FEM/BDC key programmer (i.e Yanhua BMW-FEM,BMW Explorer, VVDI2 BMW, CGDI Prog etc) and BMW F series FEM Blade key , FEM BDC Module Testing Platform is easy to detect FEM BDC Control Module in good condition. It plays an important role in key programming, ECU programming and basic diagnosis.

2.any special features? how to use it?
No need start-stop button, FEM BDC Module Testing Platform is designed with 4 ports which can connect to engine, gearbox, instrument and an extended port to connect with other modules.

Power supply: 14V 5A dedicated

3.Who need this FEM BDC Module Testing Platform?
It’s a must for professional locksmiths, auto electronic technicians and vehicle repairing garages.

4.Is it good quality?
Yes, It features in good induction, frequency resonance, the stainless steel shell (the copper wire inside it is very thick).

Testing FEM BDC Module Test Platform:

Attach several pictures:






BMW M4 FEM 433MHZ key program with CGDI Programmer

A brief instruction on how to program BMW M4 FEM 433MHZ key with CGDI BMW Programmer.

This is BMW M4 with FEM system.


Remove the FEM module from the BMW.


Prepare 433MHZ blade key


Open “CGDI Start” then click on “FEM/BDC Key Match”, if you are the first time to use CGDI Pro, you will receive a message “unauthorized”, follow this user manual to get authorization.


Read key info.incl. ECU type, 433MHZ, VIN, etc.


CGDI BMW Pro green indicator flashes, it is working fine.


This is BMW FEM module removed from the car.


Get message: Please remove the FEM/BDC, then use CGDI Programmer to read out the original EEPROM and write it to the 95XXX EEPROM chip, and install

the FEM/BDC back to the car, then click on “Next”.