Which Kess V2 PCB is better? (Review)

I need to choose among one of those Kess V2 PCB… Which one is better?

1.jpg mostly black items , also empty holes are filled up

2.jpg with yellow items, also the metallic 220 50v like original

3.jpg with yellow items, however the metallic one is 470 25v

see 1feedback.jpg for 1.jpg PCB


1.jpg: Kess v2 PCB

2.jpg: Kess v2 PCB best version

3.jpg: Kess v2 PCB


Experienced users choice for reference:

User 1 review: Get pic 2 only get it with kess v2 fw3.099then flash it with better firmware not cars ,bikes only version

User 2 review:yes agree get jpg 2 pcb but then check transistors because they will have at least 2 that need replacing (mostly marked pd)
these are wrong

but the kess V4.036 PCB in jpg 2 is best version you show

the serial in first pic is cars and bikes and the other serial you see is full cars bikes trucks etc