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How to Get Verification Code to Activate Yanhua Mini ACDP?

We have a customer asking how to get the verification code to activate the Yanhua Mini ACDP key programmer. Here’s the step-by-step guide to connect and activate ACDP device.

Register interface on Android system. Prompt to bind your device first.


Step 1: Connect/Bind ACDP with mobile phone
How to connect Yanhua ACDP with your mobile phone/bind device with your phone?


Turn on Bluetooth in order to search ACDP Bluetooth (BUT DON’T PAIR BLUETOOTH)



Turn on WiFi and search available WiFi with a better signal

Then enter WiFi password to connect


Open Mini ACDP app


Click on Setting icon


Select “Initial use settings”


Follow 3 steps to bind device:

1.The mobile phone is connected to the WIFI and confirm it has access to the Internet

2. ACDP hardware access to power supply

3.Long press the SET button on the ACDP main unit about 7 seconds until the device all indicators turn on



Select ACDP option and enter password to pair


Select device to bind


Mini ACDP is bound to mobile phone.

Step 2: Register Yanhua Mini ACDP
Take iOS operating system as an example:




Click on Login ->Go to register


Please complete the registration information, phone number, password, email, address etc




Select get verification code via ACDP device (if you have bound device with phone) or Phone.

If select via ACDP device, it will automatically fill in the blank


Registration completed. Now you can use the key programmer.

CG Pro 9S12 programmer new adapters for you choose

CG Pro 9S12 programmer adds many new adapter for you choose as you like.

Here we go for details incl. functions and adapter image.

SK238-2:35080/35160 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to operate M35080/35160 series chip


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-3. EEPROM & V850 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do 8pin chip and NEC/ Renesas series chip


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-4. AM29FXXX adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do AM29F200/AM29F400/AM29F800 series chip.

For ECU repair, Immobilizer repair etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-5. AM29BLxxx adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do AM29BL802 series chip

Used for ECU repair, Immobilizer repair or Weizhi immobilizer cancel etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-6: HC705 /908 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do HC705 /908 series chip.

Used for old Mercedes Benz Immobilizer reading & writing, Benz EIS repair etc.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-7: DB25 adapter for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do Motorola series (Freescale) without soldering.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-8: 711 adapter for CG Pro 9s12

Repair BMW EWS data and EWS change.


SRC: xxxxxx

SK238-9: 12P welding cable for CG Pro 9S12

Used to do NEC-Renesas series without soldering


SRC: xxxxxx

All of the above adapters are designed to work together with CG PRO 9S12 programmer.

2018 Obdstar X300 DP Plus vs. 2017 Obdstar X300 DP

Obdstar X300 DP Plus (X300 DP PAD 2) is coming soon. So, what’s new and different, compared with X300DP?

Obdstar X300 DP Plus:



 Obdstar X300 DP:



Obdstar X300 DP Plus vs. X300 DP:

– X300DP Plus main unit and vci adapter 2 in 1:

Obdstar makes X300 DP Plus and the VCI adapter in one machine. No need worry you forget to take the VCI if you’re out. And the built-in VCI box offers more stable communication.

– larger screen:

X300 DP Plus comes with 8-inch touch screen, which offers better visual experience than X300DP (7 inch).
– no buttons on the main unit:

X300 DP has four buttons on the left, while X300 DP Plus is a real pad without buttons.
– with a back bracket/support on the back:

You cant put the unit on the steel wheel or on the table when you are testing with a car.
– reduce production cost:

Obdstar adopts high-tech but spends a lot on it’s firmware design. But the pad works as a real diagnostic tool in fact, so it’s unnecessary to do so. X300 DP Plus cut the cost in firmware design but make sure of the performance as good as X300DP.

– new adapters:

3 adapters are integrated into the X300 PAD Plus: EEPROM /PIC 2-in-1 adapter, RFID adapter (VW Audi 4th / 5th IMMO programming and other cars e.g Porsche, BMW, Fiat etc.) and Renew Key PCF79XX adapter.

– Toyota smart key card!!!!!!!!!
– read 8-pin chip data!!!!!!!!!!!!

– ECU Programming/Cloning

ECU cloning means copy ECU, that is the OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus copies the data from the original car ECU, then write it into another same ECU hardware, so that it can achieve the same function as the original ECU.

When you want to change the new ECU or the second ECU, if you use X300 DP Plus to clone via OBD, you won’t need to go to the 4s store to do the online programming or dismantle ECU to weld, read & write.

ECU clone Pros :

No need to go to 4S shop, convenient, fast and save money.

Simplify the operating steps, even the amateur can also operate.

No need to dismantle and weld the ECU to read & write, it is zero risk to clone ECU via OBD with the X300 DP Plus.

– Switch activation function

Nowadays, many car models’ accessory power supply of the dashboard or audio equipment needs to be activated to enter the boot status through the related module CAN.

However, when the car technician maintains the dashboard / audio equipment, the main unit is out of the CANBUS network so it maybe won’t boot. X300 DP Plus ” switch activation function” can emulate the CANBUS communication to active the power supply of dashboard / Audio so that it can enter the boot status, then it will test and verify the dashboard and the Audio, also the technician can save money avoiding to purchase many the boot platform and cables of kinds of car models.

– New “Help” function including the testable car models, update notice, special features, help instruction, wiring diagram etc.

Testable car models: The user can read the testable car models and year.

Update notice: The user can read all of the update content.

Features: The user can read all of the special features and the functions that only X300 DP Plus supports.

Help instruction: Built-in the guide and instruction for each car model or function.

Wiring diagram: Built-in ECU wiring diagram, more intuitive and convenient.

Obdstar X300 DP Plus Testing:


















Yanhua Mini ACDP exhibit in 2018 5.18 Chinese locksmith Annual meeting

Yanhua Mini ACDP, the newest representative work of Nanning Yanhua Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, exhibit 2018 5.18 Chinese locksmith Annual meeting.


So far, Yanhua Mini ACDP can work with mobile phone of IOS and Android, before scan the QR code and download it, the user need to open the wifi.

You can see from these images, locksmith don’t need to remove chip, soldering, cut the line and lift the pin. ACDP features in OBD programming, Memory and MCU programming In Circuits and MCU programming in Circuits. Also it will display the connection status.




























BMW X3 2004 EWS4 Key Programming by VVDI2

Here, you will learn how to program a new X3 2004 key and do eeprom job with Xhorse vvdi (VVDI2 and VVDI-Prog)

Q: Can i make a x series key with the vvdi2 and how? (it’s x3 2004)

A: Yes …it is ews4 (eeprom job )

Q: Taking the ecu out?

A: Not the ecu …taking immo box out …its a white box under the steering wheel same size as a pack of cigs.

Q: Do i need any adapter for that?

A: you just need open vvdi prog ,select ews4 and will show you the connections….solder it and you are good to read it

Q: And does it give you a key code like the cas’s

A: no , is it your first isn’t it?

Q: yes it is. Is this what i need?


A: thats not for ews4…VVDI prog have its own EWS4 adapter, so does the AK90

I mean there is ews4 incircuit connect by vvdi prog. Look here:

Q: how is the procedure

A: Put the ESW4 module in the adapter and lock it


To solder


Carprog 9.31 reads/writes eeprom 95160 with A4/A6 adapter

Errors and solutions here for eeprom 95160 read/write with Carprog 9.31 programmer:

Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160

Error 2: “Verify error” when read eeprom 95160

Error 3: “Verify OK” when read eeprom; “Verify error” when write it

Case: Carprog reads/writes eeprom 95160 from bsi citroen berlingo 2004

In detail…

Error 1: “ID not found” when read eeprom 95160

I connect usb cable with carprog and a6 clip to eeprom 95160 . it gives me error “ID not found” .



Solution 1: Desoldering the eeprom from circuit board and read not in circuit board, read eeprom on the table


Error 2: “Verify error” when read eeprom 95160

Read with A6 clip. There is an error


Solution 2: Take a look here




Error 3: “Verify OK” when read eeprom; “Verify error” when write it

if i read it, verify ok



If write it, verify error


Solution 3:

probably have a damaged carprog.
Replace 74hc125.
try reading with the power supply.
Use a4 adapter


Here is a Picture of wires from chinese Carprog A4 Adapter
1. Blue
8. Purple



In summary,

The best, safest, faster and simplest solution is to remove the eeprom from the PCB and use the carprog eeprom adapter .

in this way, all possible problems are avoided.



Credits to tech support from

Case: Carprog reads/writes eeprom 95160

Car: bsi citroen berlingo 2004

Eeprom: 95160











Carprog programmer manages to change mileage successfully on citroen berlingo 2004

ID48 96 bit cloning, which device to buy?

Someone tried id48 96 bit cloning? Just thinking which device to buy. Does KEYDIY KD-X2 or VVDI KEY TOOL?


VVDI key tool you need tokens for id48 96 bit cloning , tokens are 6.7EUR each .Handy baby now use tokens for 96 bit as well which are a lot dearer .

speaking to KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier, they haven’t made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 96 bit id48 .

Keyline use no tokens but the gkm chips are £15 .

Silca use no tokens and silca 48 currently around 25.5EUR(10pcs) for the id48 chip ( rumours of their about to go up in price )
both above clone in just a few minutes and token free .

xhorse vvdi key tool tokens are 6.7EUR plus cost of chip

handy baby cheap chip but expensive token
at the end of the day its the speed to clone , the cost to clone and the chip price that will dictate the best tool , the token and chip prices may make silca and keyline competative as token free and very fast and reliable , time will tell.

the cost of the machine is not a factor , the cost of consumables ie tokens and chips is far more important , as a decent saving to produce the chip will soon negate the cost of the kit , once all consumable prices are known then it becomes easier to decide on best machine .

i have silca , keyline and handy baby options already , i have a kdx-2 on way to test for a uk distributor , soon id48 will be just another key to clone . with silca about to release ford 80 bit cloning im sure the rest will have it too in no time .

Xhorse VVDI PROG latest software version V4.7.0 update and Free downlode

VVDI PROG latest software version V4.7.0 update

Good News: VVDI PROG now in stock in our UK warehouse, fast delivery, no tax

v4.7.0 (2018-04-27)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.7.0 version in Doc folder
+ Add MSP430F1222, MSP430F1122, MSP430F1132, MSP430F133, MSP430F135, MSP430F147, MSP430F1471, MSP430F148, MSP430F1481,
MSP430F149, MSP430F1491, MSP430F155, MSP430F156, MSP430F157, MSP430F167, MSP430F168, MSP430F169, MSP430F1610, MSP430F1611,
MSP430F1612, MSP430F233, MSP430F235, MSP430F249, MSP430F2491, MSP430F247, MSP430F2471, MSP430F248, MSP430F2481, MSP430F2410,
MSP430F435, MSP430F4351, MSP430F436, MSP430F4361, MSP430F437, MSP430F4371, MSP430F447, MSP430F448, MSP430F4481, MSP430F449,
MSP430F4491 options in ->
+ Add R7F701542, R7F701543, R7F701544, R7F701545, R7F701546, R7F701547, R7F701548, R7F701549, R7F701552, R7F701553, R7F701557,
R7F701560, R7F701561, R7F701562, R7F701563, R7F701564, R7F701565, R7F701566, R7F701567, R7F701568, R7F701569, R7F701572, R7F701573,
R7F701577, R7F701580, R7F701581, R7F701582, R7F701583, R7F701586, R7F701587, R7F701589, R7F701597, R7F701602, R7F701603, R7F701610,
R7F701611, R7F701612, R7F701613, R7F701620, R7F701621, R7F701622, R7F701623 options in ->
+ Add CS75-BODY-COMPUTER option in ->
+ Add IMMO(MSP430F1232) option in->
+ Add EULOVE(2014) option in ->
+ Add GOD-ANGEL(2015) option in ->
+ Add NU-NING(STM8S105C) option in ->
+ Add AB12CL(R7F701A033) option in ->
+ Add A205-CHASSIS option in ->
+ Add VIAGGIO(D70F3628) option in ->
+ Add POWER-AMPLIFIER option in ->

download link:!y0ozBSyC!I2BAD9xzyATyfzFc894vPZRlkzG4CNEXCuqpXaovYF8