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Kess V2 has update! Unlimited Token

V2.28 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Latest firmware version V4.036 supports powerful functions, much more ecu list than old version. V2.28 KESS V2 is unlimited token version.
While it is definitely not available to connect to internet.


Here is the newest version download link:

Kess V2 V2.28 software download.

How to install the newest version?

Please click here.

Kess V2 is update to V2.28 at present

Lots of customer asked me that they have seen the newest version of KESS V2,and want to it.

Yes,it is update on this mouth,the newest version is V2.28 at present.

But our engineer said the old version of V2.25 is better and stable,we have test few of cars,so you can choose the version by your use hobby,V2.28 can support new cars,V2.25 is stable.

Highlights of Kess V2 V2.28

1. Multi-languages available: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French,English
2. Software Version: V2.28 Hardware Version: V4.036
3. Without tokens limitation, new KESS V2 add one renew button on the main unit. This button is used to charge tokens. Once your tokens run over, just click this button, then tokens will go back to 30 tokens. You can go on to use it again. No need change new tokens chip, no need desolder and program the tokens chip. More easily than ever.
4. Support ECU chip tuning for cars via OBD2 port

Tips on using Kess V2

1. Please do not update this tool online. Please Do remember disconnect internet when you use this tool. Do not connect the internet. It will damage the tool.
2. This one can not works on Truck.
3. Turn off your anti-virus software when start the software. It is not virus, it is just crack software will be recognize as virus.


How To Solve The Problems For Kess Comes The Error “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”?

How to Solve Kess V2 comes the error of “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”?

Now many customer asked for help to their Kess V2 comes the problems of “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”,and here is the solution to solve the problems.


After install the software,it come the problems,then you need download the 1.93 file.

Here is the download link:https://mega.nz/#!lF4g2LQS

And this is the download key: !O_21c1lcw0-lVqHvYt8Bnjlsn0hOZ8bOx2b92YJrzfM

You can follow the video to operate,it is very easy!

If you have other good way to solve the problems,you can contact us and share with us.


BMW e91 318d read write EDC17 c41 DDE8 error with KESS V2

I have problems with my Kess V2 and need help.

I try my BMW e91 318d read and write EDC17 c41 DDE8.

Step 1 with OBD connector – TOOL – OBD2DATA I can do, no problem, everything is OK.
Problem Number 1.

Step 2 boot loader with backup read – many communication problems -> Crash! After many attempts, I was able to read backup!

Step 3 with Flash boot loader (ECU) read – many communication problems -> Abort, abort, abort! After many attempts, I was able to read original file but in the end came problem # 2 -> Checksum error.

I am using Windows XP sp2 with visual-c …, Microsoft. NET Framework 4
Internet was always as KESS V2 was executed.

We have attached a log file and some pictures.

Please help, thank you.











It means KESS V2 can’t read and write this type of ECU, ECUs on the same car model in different areas are sometimes encrypted in different ways, and therefore the tool cannot always work on the same car model.