How To Solve The Problems For Kess Comes The Error “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”?

How to Solve Kess V2 comes the error of “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”?

Now many customer asked for help to their Kess V2 comes the problems of “EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE”,and here is the solution to solve the problems.


After install the software,it come the problems,then you need download the 1.93 file.

Here is the download link:!lF4g2LQS

And this is the download key: !O_21c1lcw0-lVqHvYt8Bnjlsn0hOZ8bOx2b92YJrzfM

You can follow the video to operate,it is very easy!

If you have other good way to solve the problems,you can contact us and share with us.