How to Solve PCM Flash Crack Error: USB dongle is not available

KTMOBD PCM Flash clone gets an error: USB dongle is not available





Here is the solutions:

Free download PCM Flash crack 1.95:

Password: w1h9mi

PCM Flash 1.95 installation instruction:


Do use default software in software CD only.

Please uninstall ecu flash software on your computer. ECU flash is incompatible with KTMFlash software. Otherwise device will be locked.

Disconnect network connection before installing/using software.

Open KTMOBD software CD

Open KTM OBD software drivers folder
Open GrdDrivers
Install guarant drivers
Open openport2-setup
Install Openport 2.0 J2534 Drivers Setup
Accept license agreement
Choose install location: C://Program Files/OpenECU/OpenPort 2.0


Copy and paste pcmflash from KTMOBD software folder to desktop

Connect KTMOBD ecu flasher interface with computer

Open My Computer-Device Manger-Guardant dongles to check device is well connected
Install device driver

Select install the software automatically, click on Next
Finish installing the software for Openport 2.0 J2534 vehicle interface
Open pcmflash software on desktop

Select Interface: J2534-OpenPort

Click on settings

Now you can check KTMOBD interface information and change language