KESS 5.017 ksuite 2.47 BMW chip tunning reviews: Perfectly

KESS 5.017 ksuite 2.47 BMW chip tunning reviews. Many ECU types are tested OK.

Edc16c31 BMW read/write ok!

BMW ms42 read/write ok!

BMW ms43 read/write ok!

BMW 320 E46 EDC16C31 OK

BMW Bosch EDC16+C35 via CAN Read/Write OBD ok

BMW E92 M3 2008 Continental MSS60 read and write over OBD work without a problem

BMW E70 X5 Bosch EDC17CP09

Bootloader Tricore Protocol 226

Read OK

Write Not OK, problem with checksum correction

After writing with K-Suite 2.34 no problem with starting engine

Works great with red PCB clone
I have done many model BMW cars with it with my friends (e63/60/90)
KTAG is coming in the mail to try next but Kess V2 with red PCB works fine!

To be upgradingā€¦