Autel MaxiCom MK906 vs. MaxiSYS MS906 vs. MaxiSYS Pro MS908P

The article aims to introduce new diagnostic pad Autel made – Autel MaxiCom MK906. so, how much do you know it? Is it worth you  euros? Look here.


What’s Autel MaxiCom MK906:

Q: Is this a fake Chinese copy of the ms906?

A: No, this is 100 % totally AUTEL original product. Here is the link on AUTEL official website:

Q: How much are the updates after the free year to get updates? Is it  same with the ms906.

A: Yes, same with MS906, one year free update, then 495USD/year.

Q: Does it support coding and programming?

A: MK906 works for coding but no luck with programming. For programming with Autel, MS908P is the only option.

Autel MK906 vs Autel MS906 vs Autel MS908P:

Functions comparison:

Autel MS906 is used for auto diagnostic test only, while MK906 and MS908P can work for not only diagnosis but also ECU programming.

It depends on what you need.

For diagnosis only, have a Autel MS906.

For diagnosis and coding, have Autel MK906

For diagnosis and coding, programming, have Autel MK906 and MS908P

Product                  Autel MK906                        Autel MS906                            Autel MS908P

Diagnosis                             Yes                                   Yes                                                Yes
Coding                                  Yes                                   No                                                 Yes
Programming                      No                                   No                                                  Yes

Hardware specifications comparison:

Autel MK906 and MS906 almost share the same hardware features. Both hardware is improved a lot, compared with MS908P. But MK906 will be better than MS906 because it’s lighter – good to take it anywhere.

That is, the new Autel MaxiCom MK906 wins, in terms of hardware design.

Product    Autel MaxiCom MK906    Autel MaxiSYS MS906            Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P

Price          979EUR                                           917EUR                                     1884EUR