How to Fix Foxflash “Excute Download with DFBTech_Update” Error

Some customers reported that when they try to download foxflash software to a new computer but showed this message:
Error”Excute Download with DFBTech_Update”

foxflash error

1. Defender off

2.Data/time sync off(when you click Activate your time should go to 00:00 or 12:00)

3.Have a good internet connection

4.Ensure Foxflash is connected with both USB and 12 V power

5.Check windows device manager that your foxflash is showing as installed.

6.Check if there is “version.dll” file in dfb folder. Make sure anti-virus software do not kill the file.

foxflash error

if the file was killed, download version.dll file then paste it to following folder(MUST DISABLE Anti-Virus Programms)
/Program Files(X86)/Foxflash Manager/Foxflash/DFB Technology

if did all above but without luck, please do a full re-install.

Delete all existing dfb files,download all gain, something blocks the software.

Disconnect the interface and click download, then restart Foxflash manager and the tool’s software.