How to solve JLR Mangoose SDD Problem “cannot read VIN”


Problem description:

When install JLR Mangoose SDD diagnostic software for Jaguar and Land rover on windows XP laptop, the program runs well, but unable to read Jaguar or Land rover vehicle VIN. SDD “Manual VIN read” failed either.

The Mangoose cable can be detected by computer because the green indicator light flashes. But when loaded SDD both green and red indicator flashed. Try to install on different clean (none-anti-virus software) XP laptop, all fail to read VIN.

Solution (offered by one of the JLR SDD users):

1.Uninstall the previous JLR SDD drivers on the computer.
2.Download the new drivers from the Drewtech website (only fits for 32bit system) and update the firmware on the Mangoose.
3.Install the new downloaded driver and connect the Mangoose cable with vehicle.
4.SDD will be able to recognize vehicle VIN
5.If the method fails, perhaps your vehicle model is not supported by JLR SDD diagnostic software.