KT200 ECU Programmer “New Version Found Start Updating” Problem Click “OK” Not Work

“New Version Found Start Updating” Problem Click “OK” Not Work 

kt200 ecu programmer error message

when customer open KT200 Programmer software , it appreas this error message ” New version found, start updating”!, but after clicking “OK”

Nothing happened can not contine to download the new version software.

For this problem, how do we solve it ?

Here is the solution :

  1. Dowload the latest 2022.10.01 -2 software from this link “https://mega.nz/file/ONYEDYyK#7M1W1dBjjx50Xp6sqC9kcO0uD1GDMO_CgntOi7fkOBg”
  2. Please do not connect machine, just runing “renew driver”
  3. Connect machine,then run”UpdateFirmware”,please kindly note: do not take off usb cable when  updating hardware.
  4. Install “Setup” and then runing “KT200.exe”

Then problem solved

For more informations,please check following link