Latest Volvo VIDA DICE 2014D No Communication Error

Hi Jenny.
It is installed on Win 7 ultimate
No error message, problem is shown on (1) photo. No connection to vehicle, and Vida cannot see dice.
Picture of Dice connected to car (ignition on) and PC (vida running) (2) please not at the moment USB (dice) is connected to pc the USB COM light blinks few times.
I am running explorer 11 (3)
I did run Dice diagnostics pictures (4-8) shows all 4 test results.
Hope you can identify my problem.
(1) Problem
(4-8) Dice diagnostic
Additional info
I did now try uninstall all Vida and dice related. Restart.
Then i did uninstall first Explorer 11, restart, than explorer 10, restart.
Now I am running explorer 9 (as mentioned on your homepage)
Instal all again, restart, patch, restart.
No change, no connection to dice.
USB drivers for dice does install automatically. At that moment there is blinking lights at dice USB COM light.
If i disconnect USB cable bluetooth light turns on. (this pc does not have bluetooth).
Vida did instal in suggestet (by vida) folder C:\vida
Patch did run on C:\
Also try on C:\vida   (result in error)
The following is the solution from my customer
Hi Again… :-)

Problem solved…
If the pc has dot net (Net frame works) 4.5.1 or newer installed this causes communication problems..
I did uninstall Netframeworks 4.5.2 on my pc and communication works.
If the should run into same problem.
Thank you for your time anyway.
Enjoy your weekend.