QUICKLYNKS T85 OBDII EOBD JOBD scanner for VW Audi – best DIYer option

If you are an individual VW Audi car owner, I am sure you are finding a cheap handheld code scanner to put in the gearbox when you have check engine light on. With this scanner you can turn off the MIL, read and clear trouble code. I would like to introduce a handheld scanner for DIYer who own VW Audi cars, it is QUICKLYNKS T85, it is only

QUICKLYNKS T85 is very easy to use, just find out the 16pin socket under the dashboard then plug the QUICKLYNKS T85 16pin adapter into this socket.

I put the whole pack of QUICKLYNKS T85 scanner as below.

T85 host, one OBD2 cable, one USB cable, one CD, one user manual and one box.


As you can see, it is about 2.8” TFT color screen.

Connect the USB cable to the computer and you are able to update onlinefind and print the diagnostic results.

After connect QUICKLYNKS T85 scanner to the vehicle, it is easy to use, just press the arrow button and the navigate icon to choose what you want it to do and click enter to do it can do, then ESC button to exit the task.

What QUICKLYNKS T85 can do?

Turn off the Check Engine Light

View Vehicle Identification NO

View I/M Reading Status.

View Freeze Frame Data

View Live Data and test monitor

Display Live Data by graph mode

Record trouble history

The electronic control system QUICKLYNKS T85 covers:




ABS, etc.

There are more than 140 systems available.

Generally speaking, QUICKLYNKS T85 can work with VW, AUDI and Japanese cars with JOBD protocols including TOYOTA.HONDA.DAIHATSU.MITSUBISHI.MAZDA\NISSAN.SUZUKI.SUBARU.

Besides light trucks after 2000 year.