Scania VCI 3 Software SDP3 2.32 Free Download

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Scania sdp3 update: Scania SDP3 2.31.1

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Scania SDP3 2.31.1 test report:

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What is Scania SDP3:

Scania SDP3 is the latest diagnostic software for Scania diagnostic tool VCI 2 and VCI 3. SDP3 (Scania Diagnos & Programmer) software is an OEM software designed to maintain Scania trucks, other heavy vehicles and marine or industry engines over VCI diagnostic interface.

What is Scania vci-3 vci 3 scanner:

Scania vehicle communication interface VCI 3, a “cable” between the PC and the vehicle, is designed for fault code reading, assisted trouble shooting, parameter settings, etc. for Scania trucks, bus chassis and Scania engines. SDP3 shall be installed on a PC/Windows platform, and connect to the vehicle through a Scania VCI interface. After registration you can login to download the software and read more about SDP3 from the Downloads menu. When the application has been installed it must be activated with a license key the first time before usage.

What can you do with Scania VCI 3 and SDP3 2.31:

Function view
By using the search box at the top of the window you can now search directly in the function view. You can choose to search in the Adjustment, Check or Calibration tab.

The procedure for defect reporting in SDP3 has been improved to make it simpler to follow.
Instead of a guide in several steps, there is now a simple dialogue box. In the dialogue box you can select if you want to save the defect report locally or if you want to send it via e-mail. To be able to send the defect report via e-mail you must have Microsoft Outlook. You can choose to create a defect report for a specific individual product or to make a general defect report.
The dialogue box for defect reports you find in the Help menu.

Note: As from SDP3 2.31, the dialogue box is no longer available for use if you are connected to a job type.  Scania CV AB 2017
Communication troubleshooting
• The instructions& solution for communication errors has been updated. You access the document via the Help menu.
System specifications

CUI –Infotainment system
• Support resume an interrupted download of software has been introduced.

COO – Coordinator
• The new guide verify and check switch modules in the steering wheel according to the version and the vehicle’s SOPS file.
EMS – Engine Management System
• Vehicles with the S8 engine control unit have previously lacked support for Default setting of power take-off adaptation. This has now been rectified.
• The Spark check guide has been removed for vehicles of the P, G, R and S series with Euro 6 gas engine. As the support in SDP3 has been improved, the guide tool is no longer required. Instead, use the Electrical system view for troubleshooting.

RES – Rechargeable energy storage system
• For the sake of clarity and uniformity, the hybrid battery has been changed to propulsion battery in all instances in SDP3.

TMS – Transmission management system
• New parameters have be added to TMS2:
o Clutch monitoring
o Downhill speed control with active prediction
o Reduced use of the clutch (new values)  Scania CV AB 2017
• After a product update of the transmission management system, the Accelerometer adaptation must always be run. It now starts automatically after an update of the control unit.

GMS – Gearbox management system
• A function guide which shows how the power is transferred in the gearbox for different gears in real time has been added. You can also see how the gear shift forks move and which sleeves are affected.
The guide applies to the following gearboxes:
o GRS905
o GRS905R
o GRSO905
o GRSO905R
o GRSO925
o GRSO925R
o GRSO935
o GRSO936R
The guide also applies to the following transmission management systems:
o OPC4,
o OPC5
o TMS1
o TMS2

CMS – Chassis management system
• A guide for bleeding control circuit 2 has been implemented.
• Circuits, I/Os and the functional description of differential locks has been improved.

TSS/TSA – Tag axle steering system
• Function guides for activating and deactivating service mode have been implemented.  Scania CV AB 2017
• A function guide for checking EST and ESTA has been implemented.
• A new parameter for the centring function has been implemented.