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About PCMtuner Smart Dongle Announcement

We get some of user feedback about the pcmtuner smart dongle quality problem . Because we collect about 8K pcmtuner users in short 2 months , we are so thank all of
these customer support us , we will try our best develop more and take care more our
customers ,I will explain what happen , and give some answers for you about the smart
A why the dongle chip have some boot don’t weld to them PCB , is that the factory
make mistake or have quality pro ,like below picture ?


Answer A: we don’t think its quality pro , our design don’t let the chip weld all to the
PCB , because we have our safe factor on that , if you weld our chip or anyone try to
touch it , your dongle will damage soon and lock, so its not our mistake or quality pro ,we
set up it like that .
B why dongle will feel hot in working ?
Answer B dongle working have hot is really normal , any PCB work will expand hot , so
can protect it wont be damage because high Tem.

How to Distinguish Fake PCMtuner Scanner ?

How to Distinguish Fake PCMtuner Scanner ?

Hello everyone:

First, we sincerely apologize to everyone for the inconvenience we brought you. Because our PCMtuner is so popular that some bad merchants maliciously use our logo in the market. Since the counterfeit device does NOT have any functions of the genuine PCMtuner, it will cause the misleading and loss to you. Here, we notice everyone of the fakes. The fake version of PCMtuner is shown as below:

The fake version cannot get the technical support account of the official website (tuner-box.com);

The fake version cannot enter the tuner account of website (https://support.vz-performance.com);

The fake version cannot obtain virtual files, WinOls map package, AL2, and Mappackage;

The fake version cannot get the technical support of tuner;

The fake version cannot enter the 10,000-person technical support community;

The fake version cannot get the genuine software;

The fake version cannot be updated online;

The fake version cannot be used online;

The fake version cannot enter the WHATS APP technical support group; The quality of the fake version cannot be guaranteed;

The fake version is easy to burn the ECU;

The fake version might be locked in some cases. The above are some features of the fake version.
If you need the genuine PCMtuner, please go to the official website (tuner-box.com) to check and confirm the appearance of the device.

The genuine PCMtuner looks like this:


if you want to get more informations,please check this link


How to install PCMtuner Software after Getting Device First Time

How to install PCMtuner Software after Getting Device First Time ?

What’s PCMtuner Scanner ?

“PCMtuner tool can read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, and power upgrades. It can also support read and write gearboxes “It is new released ECU scanner on the current market.

How to install the software after getting device ?Here we share the steps

Preparation before installation:
1.Connect the device to the computer with power cable and USB cable, and plug the smart
lock dongle into computer,like what I show you here .


2.Close all anti-virus software and firewall on the computer (the system firewall should also
be closed. According to the system and software, Google how to close it if you dont know
how to handle.)
3.Go to http://tuner-box.com download tool softwareLike this check below picture


4.unzip the downloaded software check below


5.then you will get 3 files like below


Hmmm,you need read the notice before start install all software
Then click PCM_Setup run it like below


Click Here



Click Heres



Then next till display below picture ,but don’t run it, un select the run software



Kindly Note:never select lauch software

Continue Click Here



Till Happen This



So cool
When you see below things happen ,that’s mean you already completely install tool
Pls read the carefully what the software tell you



When you finish install , then run PCMtuner software
And register it like below



When register , pls contact your seller help you active it ,Monday-Friday will work
When your seller help you active it pls check like below








Btw, all tool user have a support account to
Go to here login http://tuner-box.com/login


User name is your register email , password is your tool S/N

When tool software install done , you need go to install tuner account software
That’s mean VZperformance software ,Like this one


If you don’t want to install this , you can direct to go to


How can we get this user name and password
Once your order our tool , pls contact your seller help you creat one , then you can use this accout

When you get user name and password you can login Like below


If you want to get VR files, or WinOLS damaos or A2L file, just click search function ,thentype what you want
Like below


At this account , you also can request chiptuning , like stage1-stage3 , popbangs, adblue ,
dpf ,etc, just need creat ticket ,but its pay item , you can contact your seller about the
charge .
Thank you so patience read above all , enjoy your tool now ,and work with us .