About PCMtuner Smart Dongle Announcement

We get some of user feedback about the pcmtuner smart dongle quality problem . Because we collect about 8K pcmtuner users in short 2 months , we are so thank all of
these customer support us , we will try our best develop more and take care more our
customers ,I will explain what happen , and give some answers for you about the smart
A why the dongle chip have some boot don’t weld to them PCB , is that the factory
make mistake or have quality pro ,like below picture ?


Answer A: we don’t think its quality pro , our design don’t let the chip weld all to the
PCB , because we have our safe factor on that , if you weld our chip or anyone try to
touch it , your dongle will damage soon and lock, so its not our mistake or quality pro ,we
set up it like that .
B why dongle will feel hot in working ?
Answer B dongle working have hot is really normal , any PCB work will expand hot , so
can protect it wont be damage because high Tem.