CGDI Pro MB Mercedes Benz Programmer review: all key lost OK

GGDI Pro MB Mercedes Benz Programmer review on what works, very nice CGDI MB tool 🙂
1. CGDI MB tool adds only key with the option “with key”.
2. CGDI MB tool program new key with the option “without key” when all keys lost.
3: CGDI MB tokens
4: CGDI MB tool VS Xhorse VVDI in PCB
5. CGDI MB update

1. CGDI MB tool adds only key with the option “with key”.
– W220 first test, Read Blank Key, Read Write Erase key OK, read EZS and Password from Key…works

– Tested on W212
Read EZS —> OBD work Fine
Calulating PW from EZS —> Work fine Online Server
Key Calculating —> v041 & v051 Work fine online Server

– Mercedes W212 2010 e250 Petrol Automatic works

– Mercedes W221 2010 Facelift S600 V12 works

– W207 on bench OK, 11 minutes

– W203 2004 spare key making takes about 13 minute when begining to programming new key. Read pass NEC key by IR and calculate PSW
Key still working after get PSW.

2. Program new key with the option “without the key” when all keys lost.
– test all keys lost on w164 need gateway.

– Tested w212 ALL KEY LOST !!! In car, done by OBD
Work really good!
W212 is from 2012
Read ezs About 30mins
Upload data
Password given

Read eis info
Paste key password
Then key calculation

– CGDI MB tool works good to do W207 W204 lost keys on bench.
W204 get data: About hour
PSW W204: 11minute all key lost in bench with VVDI cable
had VVDI and CGDI,CGDI is faster and no problem to get PSW:



Question: when we have CGDI tool working all by OBD why lads want the tool to work on the bench???
Answer: For example if car is some further from workshop and you must spent time driving to the car or customer is just TOO far to drive, so then he can sent EIS or drive by himself bringing EIS it with him at workshop. It’s time saver and what if tool will not work via OBD? You will loose many time driving ex. 30 miles x2. If you have on bench, you can work at your place without risk of wasting time. Also calculating psw at the place of car might last 30 minutes, 1 hour in all keys lost? It’s much time to sit in the car + you have to take care of battery charger. If you have on bench, you can drink a coffee or a beer if you want and enjoy the waiting time
Still no tool which can do all merc by OBD anyway…

W203 with W209 EZS all keys lost, done in the car about 70mn: Successful.


– Calculation PSW always the first time, never fail.

-Plug USB to computer, software recognizes at once. So I take 2 used BE key put in and read. Software say need 12V.
So I plug 12V and read and reset to unused quickly. Will test on bench W209 as key lost later.

CGDI MB tested failure and explanation from CGDI engineer:
CGDI work not on all by OBD
W906 Sprinter don’t work (CGDI Supports W906 only CAN BUS not K-line)
W230 SL55 AMG 2006 dont work (CGDI supports W230 CAN BUS, you can send EIS and CGDI MB tool to factory to add K-line)

3: CGDI MB tokens
CGDI MB tool also work with tokens for password online calculation. free two tokens each day for 6 months.
Test reports: test online calculation, very fast, less than minute. And the counter (10) decrease to 9. Today it become 10 again. So I think for now until 6 months, I can calculate 10 time/day.


4. CGDI MB tool VS Xhorse VVDI in PCB
CGDI MB tool is not VVDI clone, open CGDI and you can see the PCB is complete other than from VVDI and MCU is other than from VVDI !!! CGDI is cheaper than VVDI that’s right!



5. How to update CGDI MB key pro?
Update on, click column “Download” for the newest update package.

To sum up:
After reading these positive reviews, I am sure you can trust CGDI MB key programmer is decent tool to own.

Where to buy one CGDI mb tool?
There are not only one seller supplys this tool, but I think is a trustworthy place to buy



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