VVDI2 read PIN & CS from VW Golf VI 1.6 TDI PCR2.1?

Verified: VVDI2 cannot read PIN & CS from VW Golf VI 1.6 TDI PCR2.1


Discussion copied from a forum:

A: Is it possible with VVDI2 read PIN and CS from VW Golf VI 1.6 TDI PCR2.1????

I need to change ECU and make IMMO work. Old ECU is damaged…

B: I did that several times. It’s not possible to read CS and pin from new used Ecu prc2.1. You have to have a tool like Smok or avdi. To read CS and pin. Then you can add Ecu by vvdi2.

A: Are you sure that once you know the PIN, MAC, CS you can adapt the PCR 2.1 with VVDI2? We’re not talking about the EDC17, MED17 or PPD 1.X, but about the PCR2.1. I taught hat PCR 2.1 can’t be adapted with VVDI2

B: Yes I’m 100% sure. I bought Smok license for pcr2.1 and done rest with vvdi2.

A: This is my plan too, but I read that the adaptation can’t be done with VVDI2. Thank you, mate, have a nice one!!!

B: I did few Skoda Octavia 1,6tdi 2010-2011

1.U need to read PIN MAC CS. From the dash.

2.If it’s ok then read by Smok PIN MAC CS. 3.Go to adapt unit module and choose Specify manually the existing PIN/CS…. and put your data.

4.After that if all ok you be able to filling up New Immobilizer data. That’s all. Even before u buy Smok u can make a try just skip point 2.

A: Excuse my ignorance, but what is the easyest way to read the CS from a 2009 Passat CC with EDC17 for dealer key preparation, I prefer not to open the ECU. Regards!!!

B: Pull and read comfort control module behind glovebox

Conclusion & Solution: Smok or AVDI instead of VVDI2 read PIN & CS from pcr2.1, then add ECU with VVDI2