CN900 Mini & ND900 Mini which is clone?

Both CN900 Mini and ND900 Mini key copy machines are available in Which one is original?


Both CN900 Mini and ND900 Mini are original products from TJECU company.

It’s true!

They are made by the same manufacturer but distributed to different dealers. Tat’s why there looks slightly different each other.


1. Mini CN900 and ND900 support same function: 11/12/13/33/T5/4C/4D/42/46/48/72G chip copy

2. USB2.0, GSM/GPRS SIM, support same frequency, RF data, RFID identify etc

3. They comes with same firmware version, latest goes to V1.13. Build with same PCB.


4. Update online. Share the same update procedure


1. MINI ND900 looks almost the same as CN900 mini (difference is it has TJECU logo on the plastic)


2. Update on different websites

Although they share the same update procedure, they have different update file from their own websites.

CN900 Mini official website:

ND900 Mini official website:

Update procedure goes here:

How to update MINI CN900/ND900 key programmer?

1. Browse to ND900/CN900 Mini official website, register and download Updater file respectively.
2. Delete previous updater file (updater v1.8 etc)
3. Open newest updater v1.9 setup.exe
4. Click on Update button
5. The main module of firmware is updating. Wait upgarde procedure complete.