obdstar x300 pro4 vs.X300 dp plus: x300 pro4 is a dedicated key programmer

obdstar x300 pro4 is a dedicated key programmer for all makes except several super luxury car makes incl. Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Abarth. Now buy it send free Multifunctional Jumper

obdstar x300 pro4 will be a top choice of Locksmith comparing to X300 dp plus.

This is obdstar x300 pro4 package list:

1pc x  X300 Pro 4 Unit
1pc x  Main cable
1pc x  Charger
1pc x  OBDII-16
1pc x  HYUNDA-10
1pc x  KIA-20
1pc x  HONDA-3
1pc x  P001 programmer
1pc x C001 board
1pc x  C002 board
1pc x  W001
1pc x  Tool Box
1pc x  OBDSTAR Certificate
1pc x  X300 Pro 4 fast guide manual
1pc x  packing list


obdstar x300 pro4 vs.X300 dp plus in the aspects of IMMO function, specification and accessories:




To sum up:

obdstar x300 pro4 is only for locksmith, it can do:

– Program keys for all makes, except Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth.

– Erase keys

– Program remote

– Read Key Number

– Read pincode

– Read EEPROM Chip

obdstar x300 pro4 IMMO coverage inquiry: www.obdstar.com

obdstar x300 pro4 doesn’t support:

OBDII diagnosis

Mileage programming

ECU clone and ECU programming

Special functions

Besides, from the outlook / specification, obdstar x300 pro4 is the lite version of obdstar DP Plus.

obdstar x300 pro4 comes with smaller LCD, owns the same Android5.1.1 operation system and Wifi function etc.