Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Install Error tskill.exe not recognized Fixed

As customers feedback, during installed Super Volvo Vida Dice Pro+ 2014D patch, it pops out error message “tskill.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command or operable program or batch file”.  When click “Vida all” icon the interface will turn to a blank page.  Soon there is another new prompt “The comment below contains SFX script commands” vida error.



Reasons and Solution: Before install Vida 2014d patch you can check whether you finish all pre-install steps or not.

Vida 2014 patch software must be installed at [C disk], so you can do two things:

1. Check if this software is match to your laptop OS;

2. Check if the software is installed at [C disk].

Your computer might be not compatible with this software. So if you could not install it successfully, we suggest you to download our Win 7 to install:
Vida DICE 2014D OS: Windows 7 32Bit

Vida dice install computer configuration requirements:

1). Internet Explorer 8

2). Over 2GRAM

3). C:// must have 40GB space

4). Software must install on C://

5). Must be NTFS format