VVDI KEY TOOL V2.3.9 Update Test Report

Here you could got the VVDI KEY TOOL V2.3.9 newest update link and test report.


VVDI KEY TOOL V2.3.9 update download:


VVDI KEY TOOL V2.3.9 Test Report OK:
1. I updated my test union today , less than 30min total, this is latest official version now.
2. I’ve just done mine as well now.
3. i do, it worked( eu )
4. Updated in 15min.

renew remote function Bug and need to fix:
Did some text with DX style Wireless remote and all good
But still some issue with 7941, graphic interface etc … but they working on it
When I generate a wireless remote eg Citroen 0536 fsk. Chip generates fine but remote does not function.

Mr.Samic working as Xhorse Engineer will take action:
thanks for all feedback on VVDI KEY TOOL, we are still working on fix bug and improve device.
about the renew remote function, if renew show failed. please take a clearly PCB photo of both sides.
about other problem feedback, we need the problem in detail, also will try my best to solve the problem.
if device not work well/with bugs please post here.

This is the download link of current version user manual & connection diagram

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