MINI VCI techstream V10.30.029 Success Case

MINI VCI techstream V10.30.029 Success Case

Start by purchasing Xhorse Mini VCI cable Techstream software even here:


The price of a pair of tens. Reads and does everything and a bit more. (Visit the Toyoon with the OBD connector that is, from the 1996 vissiin)

For you to read the AHC’s pressures that are likely to be too high. The front end is handled springs (torsion bars) tightening, the rear springs can be reached in the exchange. They are marmoritiskillä I remember a couple of hundred / piece, lower prices can be viewed even if the, there can be found in an exploded view. Exchange is a piece of cake. The springs are of different length, the left somewhat longer. In another pink and one purple color of the character, I do not remember either way. AHC-shoot springs is a lot looser when the norm-iskariversion.

Then, when the springs and the AHC’s neutralizing pressure is in place so it’s time to look at the condition of iskarien. Iskarithan is not what it seems iskareilta, they are alone without hydraulic damping and probably all right. Shocks is the balls (and control valves), which has a total of four, two on each side between the rocker and the frame. the condition of Niitten get a hint about when comparing AHC fluid reservoir (the co-driver in the corner under the bonnet white tank) liquid level between upper and lower positions of the suspension. Bowl on the side of a measuring scale, at least 7, but preferably 11 line should be between the upper and lower positions. If it is less so the balls of the former. the normal pressure due to the above-mentioned rautajousista If you do not have kohdillaan as those line readings are not reliable, then no.

Balls hell to pay at Toyota, Would it 700-800 / pc England but can be found in the Pleiades called company which has the whole set (4 pieces) I remember one of the 700. They do not have orkkikset but Citikan balls with Toyo adapter. In fact, I put those couple of years ago and play it well.

Exchange of balls is quite easy, just tarvii big spanner that holds smirglata little thinner that can accommodate between. At the same time AHC fluids exchange (2x 2,5ltr nest box with Toyota, I think the 50e / pntö)

If you still want more after that, the load carrying capacity of such springs may be in the air to throw bags of “Air Lift 1000”. Satkun with a set price amount. I’ve got a little one would’ve used stock. I thought that thing would’ve tullu only condition but they did not come, so the springs and balls of the exchange, and then there was no longer an air cushion for tarvista so I took off. (My cart oo ku not less than 1.5t)

AHC in the life of the soul can be found in a very info … ms.604577 /

That is, in brief:

1.Cable + software that you get a pressure reading (20e)
2.The front springs tightening (0e)
3.Rear springs exchange (200-400e)
4.liquids and todnäk balloons exchange (800e-2500e)
5.Any addition to the air springs (100e)

The money returns to some extent, but everything is actually done, and after that is just like driving a different car.

Get you there to the top?

So yeah, it’s still that if those (iron) springs to save (ie, does not change or tighten) or job otherwise not postpone for too long, then the AHC’s components having so much hurt that then can’t survive any more balloons exchange but starts to go AHC pump etc. other stuff, and then tons of runs quite a few.