Clone Orange 5 Review: Works Perfect as an Original

Clone OEM Orange 5 programmer reviews:

Working good/bad? full chip covering or only partial???


Here is Orange 5 and the copy feedback from users.


I have it for a long time and for now everything is working properly.
One of the few clones that works well and works as an original.
Some adapters are not supplied and must be purchased separately


So far its reading and writing (with verify) all eeproms i try. Good tool so far.


I like PIN checking function (test insertions) very much .It saved my job a lot of time.
In combination with my UPA -S, Carprog, and TL866 programmer a lot of job can be done successfully .


Great programmer. All that is stated works. If the speed of exchange is not important, you can do a lot. Many good calculators


I have it 5.7 too and work perfect iven on win 10 x64..cas4-cas4+ and many more done no problem.. I also want to buy orange5


I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now i check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and eeproms. All read and write very fast.


It’s almost the same as the price on the Orange website. Besides – on the webpage is written OEM.
Clone but includes – Immo HPX 9V0
confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set


On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good.
I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok.
I have tried 68hc11, a lot of eeproms, and it work’s just perfect.


have clone and work perfect. I pay 230usd
2j74y ok
35080 ok
Tms immo opel ok
Hc05 immo old vw ok


I have Orange 5 clone and everything works perfect for now.
I tested with 1J35D,4J74Y,1D69J,0D69J,0F82B,3K91D,TMS370c702


It is Clone but I confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with Immo HPX 9V0 and adapter set
The original Orange5 with adapter + same software around thousand dollors
Right got this in today. Software is very easy to install.

all functions open 1 – 10 exept car radio get error
tested reading usual eeproms all good
tested tms370 with adapter board did not read so maybe bad adapter board

tested immo login code from dump ,tms vw works

will test as i go

but there is one thing you should noticed
Well the original does not work with PSA so I don’t think the clone will


I read today 1d69j adapter success


this is a clone by the look of things and from downloading their software they have immo software and NEC software but only a couple from the radio software.

Here is all the immo images from their software if anyone wants them;!eoNQQaRA!u1r5kYYjtl2VXDuh8W5Fh39m_1J6IsW7C-cZHssurgw



TIP: Orange 5 Original vs Clone:

Do not get confused by Orange pricing. Orange charge separately for the device, the immo software, the airbag software and the radio software, plus a few specials.
All this comes with the clone.
To compare the two, you must add up all the costs from Orange. There is a very large saving if you buy the clone. But you cannot update it and you have no support from Scorpio. It will suit some people for sure. The adapters are poor quality, and for many the hardware does not work. No doubt as time goes by will will see huge threads about how to fix them. The company who makes it does not have a good reputation for quality or support.

I do not regret buying original Orange5 and Tango key programmer. But when I did there were no clones available as an alternative.

As for the Tango clone, it’s PCB and components are nothing like the original, and of a very poor quality. I have not seen inside an Orange5 clone yet.